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Lip Gloss -Catrice -Beautifying Lip Smoother

on 2/16/2018 5:33:00 AM


I love everything about this balm but it's not forgiving for chapped lips at all. It will show each and single little dry spot or wrinkle, otherwise very nice product def recommend for lucky people with smooth lips.
Pros: cheap; nice sweet but not to sweet scent; pleasant taste; simple but cute packaging; smooth cream consistency; pretty colors
Cons: doesn't look smooth if you have even slightly chapped lips

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Eye Shadow -Catrice -The Precious Copper Eyeshadow Palette

on 2/14/2018 4:44:00 AM


i was in trance since I ever laid my eyes on this eyeshadow palette.
On the back it says "Metallux".The shades are metallic.
The package may be overlooked due to the simply clear kit,but the shades are amazing.An off white-nudish shade for highlighting,a plum for sculpting and 7 other colors(beige,pale pink,gold,bronze) to create beautiful makeups.They are fit for a bronze smokey eye makeup.
The shades last 4-5 hours with a primer.
Everytime I use this pallette I see myself on a beach savoring a cocktail.You know,Greek Godess.

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Mascara -Catrice -Glamour Doll Lashes


Definitely the worst mascara experience in years. Very little gets on lashes, even after 3 coats. What does get on them smudges off under the eyes almost immediately. Maybe mine was a bad tube, but as you know, once you've had a bad tube you don't trust the brand. I would stear clear of this hot mess.

Lipstick -Catrice -Wood Rose Propose 120

on 2/10/2018 2:09:00 PM


Here comes the best friend for glowing golden skin. It's a shade of glossy pink which matches perfectly to medium Asian skin tone. Very moisturizing, glide smoothly on dry lips, fade away after one meal. Firm package (a bit heavy IMO) but with a luxury feel. Pretty cheap with only 5.4euro in romania, but not easy to find in stores (can be bought easily via sites tho).
I picked this one cuz a friend said my MLBB Rum raisin from Revlon was too dark. This one is a perfect replacement pick-up with brighter shade.
Do give Catrice a try, it has EU standard and it won't ruin your day :)

Lipstick -Catrice -Ultimate Stay


I live in the USA and just discovered Catrice products last year at ULTA. In 2017, however, Catrice launched a US website, and I make an online Catrice purchase every few weeks. I love this brand, and I'm constantly telling people about Cosnova (the parent company of Catrice Cosmetics, essence makeup, and L.O.V.) All that aside, I own five of these lipsticks, Mauve Your Lips, Chocolate Kiss, PassionRed, All That She Wants, and Plum & Base. I bought them site unseen at the Catrice website. I've read comparisons between some of these colors and very expensive brands, but I don't own anything else quite like these. They're all gorgeous colors and don't at all look as though they cost under $10 (USD). All That She Wants is my current favorite lipstick. On my lips, it's a rosy brownish pink, which is very flattering on my skin. These are described as having a satin-matte finish. That seems accurate. They do stay on your lips pretty well, but they're not overly drying. You probably will need to re-apply every three to four hours. For me, that's not a deal breaker because I love re-applying my lipstick throughout the day. I think that part of what makes these so pretty is the inclusion of very finely-milled iron oxides and titanium dioxide. There's just the slightest bit of shimmer, but I wouldn't call these "shimmery." I've had several people compliment me when I wear these lipsticks. You should definitely try these!

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