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Recent Catrice Reviews

Foundations -Catrice -HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

on 4/21/2018 2:22:00 AM


10.99 for 1.05 oz.

Hi-Def Coverage! Catrice's HD Liquid Coverage Foundation is an ultra-lightweight, high coverage foundation for a natural looking finish.


Covers imperfections and mattifies the skin creating a smooth and even complexion for up to 24 hours
Features a unique dropper applicator
Paraben free
Not tested on animals

I got this on when the website had a 3/10.00 sale. I figured I would hate it and I was right. I got the color 010 and it a too light.I almost ordered 030 sand beige but some reviews said it oxidized so I went lighter. If I mixed 010 and 030 it might have worked as far as the color goes. 020 is too pink. It only has 4 colors, which is ridiculous! This made me look like death. It was so bad. It is very drying, dries very fast, totally matte, accentuated pores I never saw before, lines I never new I had and it looked awful. Hands down one of the worst I have ever used. I like a dewy look and this was insanely matte. Never use this without moisturizer, oil or primer.

It has a powdery smell, not strong, nice. I imagine for girls that like a really matte finish and have oilier skin and zero fine lines and always wear a primer this might work nicely. I played around with it and when I mixed it with Catrice Prime and Fine Nude Glow Primer it looked ok, but just ok, still accentuated pores and fine lines and the color was not great. I also mixed it with my Pixi H2O to get a little more coverage, that look awful, washed it off. I mixed it with Cerave moisturizer, that looked kind of nice for an hour or so, then the matte, flat look returned. I tried it over Becca Backlight primer, still a no go.

The bottle is heavy glass with a nice dropper which is really needed because you have to shake it well, then dispense and it's very watery. I might try some other things to make this work, but I think this will be passed onto a family member or friend that likes matte foundations and has zero lines anywhere on their face. It was worth $3.33 just to try it because I have been curious about this one for a while but I don't think I will ever like this. The finish is anything BUT natural looking on me. Complete pasty cake face. If it wasn't matte, and the color was better, I probably would have liked it.

Supposedly it lasts 24 hours. I'm not sure if it will but it lasted 8 hours without breaking down except the time I mixed it with moisturizer. Another thing I want to mention is that it is very hard to wash off. The first time i used it I tested it on my hand and inside of my arm to make sure there would be no bad reaction. That night when I took my bath it was still there, under water. I used Dove Dry Oil soap and it still stayed on. I took a brown wash cloth and rubbed it and it began to come off but not easily, and it was easy to see on the dark wash cloth, so if use with no primer or anything else it might last 24 hours because it was sure reluctant to come off. So if you use this I suggest double cleansing your face because you may think it's off and it may not be. I've never worn the same foundation for 24 hours but if your skin isn't oily and you can use this with no primer, I think it might last 24 hours.

I would have given it 1 lippie but since I think it might just be my extreme dislike of matte foundations that made it now work, I'll give it a 3 for nice packaging then deduct one for horrible color range, 4 colors??? So 2 lippies plus another .5 for how long it lasts, but -.5 for how hard it is to remove. Final rating 2. :)

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Primer/ Corrector -Catrice -Prime & Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray

on 4/21/2018 1:53:00 AM


$7.99 for 1.69 oz.

Description from the website:
Set It and Forget It! The Catrice Prime & Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray is a lightweight and quick drying beauty mist that improves makeup wear and provides a flawless, long-lasting finish. Can be used as a primer, a setting spray, or a makeup refresher throughout the day. Suitable for all skin tones. Paraben Free. Not tested on animals.

I think this has an amazing sprayer. Perhaps they are hit and miss but mine has one of the finest mists of any I have tried. I only got this because they had a sale on the website, 3 items for 10.00. The bottle is small and I don't think it's worth the price of 7.99 when I can get Milani on sale for the same price and it has 2.03 ounces and I love it. If I am out of the ingredients to make my own, I always have a bottle of Milani on hand until I can order the ingredients and mix my own.

This does the job, it takes away the matte look of powder and does seem to help my blush and bronzer look nicer, makes it dewier, not as powdery and seems to help it stay on but my foundation or tinted moisturizer still fades away above my lip and on my chin the same as it does if I use nothing.

The smell is nice, not too highly scented and it fades quickly. I would not repurchase it unless they increased the amount in the bottle or it was on sale again 3/10.00. It's nothing special but it's worth the $3.33 I paid for it.


Aqua (Water), Butylene Glycol, Betaine, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Pentylene Glycol, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Parfum (Fragrance).

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Pressed Powders -Catrice -Prime And Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof

on 4/21/2018 1:20:00 AM


$7.99 Made in Italy
Description on Ulta website:
Matte strength! The Catrice Prime & Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder withstands humidity and mattifies your skin for hours. The delicate transparent formula enriched with vitamins A and E ensures a flawless, mattified and refined complexion. The transparent color adapts to every skin tone. Thanks to the integrated mirror, it is a true must-have when you're on the go! Not tested on animals.

There really isn't much to add to this review that has not already been covered in other reviews below. For $7.99 this is a steal. A STEAL! It is finely milled and if this was in high end packaging it could easily pass for a high end item. It is translucent but has no white cast at all. In the compact it has a little color, very slight yellow with a tingle of peach. This is so a really lovely powder and one of the best I've ever used for setting concealer. It also works well for foundation. I usually use Laura Mercier loose power to set foundation usually but this Catrice and Charlotte Tilbury are my choices for pressed powders. There is no applicator so I keep a small powder puff in my makeup bag because I always carry one of the Catrice in my purse. I stopped carrying expensive pressed powders in my purse because they get broken too easily. I don't care if a 7.99 Catrice breaks but with pricey Chantecaille, T. LeClerc or Charlotte Tilbury, I do care.

It does mattify but doesn't look powdery or cakey. It gives such a nice, flawless, airbrushed look. I only have an oily t-zone so I can't really address how good it is for absorbing oil and making you stay matte all day, because I prefer a dewy finish and usually use my homemade setting spray or Milani Make it Last to take away any matte or powdery look, but it does nicely take care my oily t-zone when I am out and about and need a touch up in that area.

The packaging is typical drugstore as far as looks go but.... it is surprisingly nice and heavy and sturdy with an excellent quality mirror. If they could have just left the writing off the top it would look fairly nice.

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Concealers -Catrice -Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

on 4/21/2018 12:45:00 AM


$5.99- .16 oz.

Website description:
Long lasting, liquid concealer for weightless coverage
Highly pigmented and waterproof formula instantly hides dark circles, imperfections and redness
Flock tip applicator for precise application

I love this concealer and I think it is equivalent to many high end concealers. I have 020 which is almost a perfect match for my skin and I have 005 which is lighter and great for brightening the under eye area. Sometimes I mix the 2. It lasts all day and never creases under my eyes or on the lids.

I do find it has the same issue I have with Shape Tape, it can be drying if you have a dry under eye area or lids, which I do. It will crease if I don't moisturize first but I always do so that isn't an issue but I tested it without and with, and definitely for me I must moisturize for it to look really nice. I dab it on then tap it with my fingers and finish with a sponge. I don't need to set it with powder but I usually do. It doesn't accentuate fine lines on me at all. It covers very well, not quite as much as shape tape but almost, minimal difference, so considering the price difference, easy choice but you are only getting half as much as Shape tape which is .33 oz. Still that would make this $12.00 still less than half the price of Shape Tape and they are almost identical to me.

There is a very, very slight scent when first applied, pleasant, fresh and it is gone within 5-10 minutes. My one complaint is I don't like the applicator. I really prefer a tube or an applicator like Touche Eclat. At least with Touche Eclat I can wash the brush and dip it in alcohol to keep it sanitary.


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Primer/ Corrector -Catrice -PRIME AND FINE NUDE GLOW PRIMER

on 4/20/2018 11:54:00 PM


$7.99 - 1 ounce

Description from the website:

Natural Luminosity. The Prime And Fine Nude Glow Primer has a subtly tinted texture with pomegranate oil and creates a flawless complexion. Fine, light-reflecting pigments ensure a soft finish and make small skin irregularities disappear. Can either be worn as an illuminating base underneath foundation or on its own for a natural glow.

Beauty Tip
Although primer can be applied with a brush, it’s best to use your finger. This way, the body heat makes the formula melt with the skin for smooth results. If you apply a little primer on a moist sponge and then use the same area of the sponge to blend the foundation, the primer will prevent the sponge from absorbing too much foundation.

I picked this up when they had their 3/10.00 sale, just to try some of their products that I hadn't tried yet. This is decent. It is hydrating, doesn't irritate my skin. It looks nice when I use it under their HD Liquid coverage which is way too matte for me and without a primer like this it is a complete fail for me. I don't think it fills in pores but it does give a nice glow when used with their foundation or others and does help to keep the ultra dry HD Foundation from making every pore on your face show up.

It's not sticky and I have used it alone with no foundation, just bronzer and blush and it looks nice. It says nude tinted but once blended there is really no color and no shimmer or anything, just a subtle glow. It's no miracle worker so if you want to fill in pores, this is not going to do much of that. But it does give my skin a nice, even glowy(not shiny, oily or glimmery) look. It will make your makeup last longer and if you want to go without foundation, it holds onto the bronzer and blush all day for me.

Now for the downside. This is scented. VERY scented. It smells nice to me, but it is scented and the scnet lasts for a long time. Too long and it is strong. I found it extremely annoying. Not that it smells bad, but I just don't want something that scented on my face. I can smell it for 3-4 hours so if you are sensitive to fragrances, this is one to avoid. You will hate it! But if you aren't sensitive I have had several people comment that it smells very nice. So if you hug someone or get a kiss in the first 3-4 hours they will smell it. I would purchase this again, maybe at full price because I really like the way it looks when applied under my Pixi H2O skin tint and worn alone with only bronzer and blush. However if the fragrance keeps annoying me and I don't get used to it, I will edit this to a "will not repurchase".


Aqua (Water), Dimethicone, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Isododecane, Lauryl PEG-9 Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Dimethicone, Punica Granatum Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Dimethicone / PEG-10 / 15 Crosspolymer, Mica, Sodium Chloride, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Acrylates / Dimethicone Copolymer, Ethylhexylglycerin, BHT, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Dipropylene Glycol, Sodium Citrate, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum (Fragrance), CI 77491 (Iron Oxides), CI 77492 (Iron Oxides), CI 77499 (Iron Oxides), CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide).

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