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Skincare - Body -Carita -FLUIDE DE BEAUTE 14

on 11/23/2017 5:21:00 AM

I have given Carita fluid de beaute one star because the scent is the only good thing about this product. It's still made almost completely with mineral oil, it's a shame that Carita hasn't got the message yet. Please, take example from Clarins, Clarins has stopped using mineral oil in their famous serum.

Moisturizers -Carita -Genesis of Youth Nutritive Lift-Comfort Firming Cream

on 4/13/2017 11:39:00 PM

Absolutely love this beautiful moisturizer from Carita's Genesis of Youth line. I used to use the Pearl of Youth moisturizers before they were discontinued, and I moved on to other moisturizers, from both Carita and from other lines, before discovering this one. It has the same intoxicating clean, white floral scent as the Pearl of Youth line did - if Carita made this in a perfume form I'd buy it in a heartbeat. It is from the Nutritive line of Carita products and so is made for skin that is much drier, and possibly showing signs of aging (as mine is). Carita uses a heavy glass jar format to present their product in. I know many prefer pumps as they are more hygienic, but I love the jar format - I can get every last bit out this way, and the thick, balm-like texture of the cream wouldn't be suited to pump packaging. However, while the cream is quite thick, it doesn't feel oily at all and moisturizes and nourishes my skin beautifully. I take meticulous care of my skin, so when I add one that creates a discernible difference, I am impressed - and this cream definitely falls into this category. I noticed that even just after a few days of use, my skin was brighter and softer. The effects have continued on after several weeks of use, and I am planning to make this a permanent part of my routine. I also sampled some to a girlfriend of mine and she loved it too - she is dealing with some of the same issues I am with my skin, although she isn't as dry as I am. I highly recommend this cream.

Product brochure and packaging:
Progressive Lift Fermete is the first line of anti-aging care that slows down the signs of aging thanks to its targeted firming action on the genesis dermis, a key area controlling the preservation of the skin's original youth. Carita has created the exclusive Cinetic technology designed to help the skin reactivate the energy flows responsible for cell dialogue, for skin that appears visibly transformed: wrinkles are perfectly smoothed, pores are refined, the skin is more even and divinely velvety. Illuminated from within, the skin's radiance is look even more dazzling!

An expert firming and anti-aging care, Jeunesse Originelle helps to preserve your skin's youth by acting on signs of its existing and developing aging. The exclusive Genesis Lift ingredient targets the source of imperfections to help reduce and correct loss of firmness and cutaneous elasticity. This treatment also contains Albizia extract which promotes the skin's natural detoxification systems, provides it with intense protection and refreshes its radiance. Finally, a combination of lifting and tensing active ingredients, together with powerful moisturizing agents, sculpts the facial contours, while visibly smoothing wrinkles. Firmer, smoother and fuller, your face is visibly transformed, its contours are redefined and sculpted. Appearing lifted, your skin radiates youth.

Lifting and nutri-firming care designed for the very driest skin, enriched with powerful nourishing and regenerating active ingredients, Jeunesse Originelle Nutritive helps to strengthen the barrier to protect the skin and return its suppleness and comfort. As if lifted, your skin is left denser and comforted, filled with youthfulness.

Treatments (Face) -Carita -Crystalline Serum

on 2/26/2017 1:43:00 PM

Product Description:
Ideal White, an anti-aging line for dull and uneven-toned skin, helps brighten the complexion to make it clearer, more unified, and more crystal! Thanks to crystalline complex and youth-white complex, Ideal White skincare is a genuine wellspring of radiant glow.
Serum Crystallin is a true skin perfecter - a pure concentrate of effectiveness to help the face regain all of its radiance and luminosity. The serum helps diminish pigmentation flaws and smooths the skin's micro-texture, while papaya extract helps boost cell renewal. This fresh gel is the indispensable corrective skin care product for glowingly radiant skin and a flawless complexion. Apply a few drops morning and evening onto thoroughly cleansed skin. Gentle to delicate skin.

I love this serum, and the whole Ideal White line - it has significantly improved the radiance of my skin already, even just after a couple weeks of use. The serum is a clear gel that doesn't have a discernible fragrance, and that I apply immediately after toning and before any of my other products. I usually use two pumps for face, and two for neck and chest, although I don't apply at night since that is when I use Renova. It sinks immediately into my skin, and beyond a "comfort" feel there isn't a discernible difference, so I could see this being useful for both ladies with oily skin as well as very dry skin (the way mine is). This line uses ascorbyl glucoside for Vitamin C content, and I'm really happy with it since it seems to do the job the way L-ascorbic acid has but without the "pennies" smell that always seemed to come with it. I'm very sensitive to scent and it made me crazy I couldn't use such an effective ingredient without that side effect, so having this product work for me was really awesome. There is also white mulberry extract, saxifrage extract, and papaya fruit extract (presumably for exfoliation and brightening) although I'm not sure of how they work since the efficacy of plant extracts can vary so widely. Whatever they are using here though seems to work very well for me though so I am really happy, and highly recommend the serum, as well as the Ideal White line as a whole.

Toners -Carita -Ideal White Crystalline Lotion

on 2/12/2017 7:54:00 PM

Item Description:
Ideal White, an anti-aging line for dull and uneven toned skin, helps brighten the complexion to make it clearer, more unified, and more crystal! Thank to white mulberry extract and youth-white complex, Ideal White skincare is a genuine wellspring of radiant glow.

The gentle, purifying Lotion Crystalline eliminates excess sebum and removes lingering makeup, to facilitate the complexion brightening process. The skin is perfectly supple and clear, the complexion is more luminous than ever. Apply morning and evening on clean dry skin. Gentle to delicate skin.

Ultra-gentle, purifying Lotion Crystalline lifts away the last traces of makeup and removes excess sebum. Papaya extract promotes gentle exfoliation, helping to brighten hyper pigmentation. Refreshed and moisturized, the skin is more luminous.

Thus far, I do like this lotion, but I'm not over the moon about it the way I am about the Lagoon Water or Carita's Youth Lotion. What I was looking for was a means of complementing some of the Crystalline line products I am now trying out, and have an acid-type exfoliating toner as the last step in my cleansing process before I start in on the rest of my routine. While I think this is a good product, I think it just doesn't really serve the purpose I need it to and I'm having a tough time trying to justify the ingredients listing as I understand it.

The lotion itself is very lightly scented, with one of those "clean-creamy" profiles. It comes in a standard Carita 6.7 oz. bottle that is both attractive and functional, allowing for as much or as little product as desired. It is a clear lotion that applies cleanly to the skin. I do notice some residue on my cotton wool when I am done cleansing, which makes me feel as though it is doing its job. It does not leave a film of any kind on skin, and while my skin does not feel moisturized upon application, it doesn't feel at all dry, either - it leaves a "perfect skin" feel behind. When the product description says "gentle," it isn't kidding - and ironically this is a bit of a problem for me because I would like for my skincare to actually "do" something, or feel or appear as though it is. This is actually more my problem though than that of the product - gentle skin care is important and while I do look for that quality I want there to be a correlative efficacy. I think I need something with more actives, since a final cleansing gesture is only one part of the reason I was interested in this product. On first glance, the ingredients don't lead me to believe there will be any more cumulative benefit to this, although I will keep on until it's done and see if there are benefits to using it over time. Overall, I think this is a good product, just one that hasn't (yet) earned a permanent place in my routine.

Moisturizers -Carita -Ideal White Crystalline Emulsion SPF30

on 2/12/2017 7:27:00 PM

Item description:
Ideal White, an anti-aging line for dull and uneven-toned skin, helps brighten the complexion to make it clearer, more unified and more crystal! Thanks to crystalline complex and youth-white complex, Ideal White skincare is a genuine wellspring of radiant glow.

Emulsion Cristalline SPF30 provides indispensable daytime protection. This ultra-light, non-oily fluid moisturizes and brightens the skin, while protecting it from the sun rays. A zinc derivative helps control unsightly shine and white lily extract soothes the skin. Perfectly moisturized and protected, the skin stays shine-free all day long, for a clear and luminous complexion.

I am so, so sad that I might not be able to continue using this 5-lippie product. I rated it 5 because everything about it is seriously amazing, up to and including the sun protection....only the sun protection stings my very sensitive eyes and so I probably won't be able to use it the way I wish I could. Emulsion Crystalline comes in a pump container that dispenses a pea-size amount for each application. I have been using two pumps for face, and two pumps for neck and chest in order to get the appropriate amount of sun protection per the label. It feels like a light cream coming out, and is white in color with no real discernible scent.

Upon application, skin looks absolutely luminous - radiant to the point where it almost feels superfluous to add makeup. The emulsion feels light, and what's more - it DOES NOT PILL. That alone is an achievement, there have been very few decent moisturizers with sunscreen added that have that benefit and it's pretty significant. It wears well under makeup and also feels indiscernible to the touch. That's right - no oil, no heaviness, just the perfect amount of moisture. I am thinking hard about ways where I could possibly come to use this in my skincare routine regularly despite my sensitive eyes. My eyes and skin have always been sensitive and there are very few sunscreen ingredients that don't cause me issues. This is actually a fairly mild problem and one I am hoping I can work past, because this is a really fantastic product and I'd love to continue using. Also, it's very early on yet so I haven't been able to see the benefit of the brightening ingredients so far, but I'm hoping that will also come in time and with continued use.

EDIT 2/26/17: I figured out why my eyes were stinging!!! I had still been using my beloved Biore Aqua Watery UV Essence SPF50 with this product since I was concerned that it is only SPF30, and I wanted to be sure I was getting enough sun protection (I know SPF50 + SPF30 =/= SPF80, I just wanted to make sure I had at least SPF50), but it was the layering that was making my eyes sting. When I used this lotion alone, there was ZERO irritation. Even though I do still love my Biore and will keep it on hand for use on my body and for days when I know I will be outside, I will be using this as my everyday go-to sunscreen. It applies perfectly, makes my skin look amazing, and has fantastic treatment ingredients on top of that. So incredibly glad to have this product, and I hope they always have it available. It is seriously an amazing product line, and I highly recommend it!

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