Buxom Cosmetics began as a line of color cosmetics from Bare Escentuals, specializing in lip glosses, colors and mascaras. Bare Escentuals was acquired by Shiseido in 2010. Buxom products are now available for purchase on their website as well as retailers such as Sephora, Ulta, and Macy's.

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Lip Gloss -Buxom -Full-On Lip Cream - White Russian

on 5/16/2018 5:08:00 PM


I received a sample of Buxom's Full On Lip Cream in White Russian and I ran out of within 2 weeks so of course I HAD to purchase a full size! This lipgloss in fantastic, I just love it. It's a beautiful pale milky pink that yes, is nice on it's own, but it's even more amazing layered on top of either a lip liner or a lipstick. It's a nice way to transform a matte lipstick that might be a bit too drying for you into a pretty glossy lip. MAC's Boy Bait used to be my go to lipgloss for this very purpose (and I still love it!) but White Russian is a little more pink while Boy Bait has more yellow undertones so I use them to cover different lipstick shades.

I don't mind the staying power....it's a typical gloss so yeah, you'll have to reapply every couple of hours or so. That doesn't bother me, it's to be expected if you want to keep a glossy lip look throughout the day. The smell is great and I love the minty tingle on my lips that doesn hurt.

Overall, it doesn't plump much, it's a teeny bit sticky and the lasting power isn't the best but I'm willing to put up with all that becaue of the color and consistency and that the pros far outweight the cons. LOVE!!!!

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Lipstick -Buxom -Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick

on 5/15/2018 5:31:00 PM


I got these as part of a Christmas gift set I purchased. I loved their full-on crème lip gloss so I thought their other lip products would be fantastic as well. I was very wrong. It's a mousse consistency lip color.

- The taste! it's plasticy lipstick taste
- It bunches up a bit on the sides of the mouth
- The price, it's HE but it's as if no one bothered to test it
- It does not fade evenly on me, it leaves a lip line even though I am not wearing a lip liner
I think this product came out because of all the liquid lipstick hype and they wanted to create something matte and comfortable to wear. They've completely missed the mark though, this thing does not have the staying power of a liquid matte (it's just as transferable as regular lipstick). It honestly might have been fine however just the taste alone I can not get over.

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Lipstick -Buxom -Va-Va Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick

on 5/13/2018 7:31:00 PM


I bought this in "Lights Down" which is billed as "russet" and lives up to that - it's a rusty brown/red/orange. I really liked the smooth texture and how pigmented it was. No strong smell, good coverage. Downside was that it feathered into fine lines around my mouth. Too bad because it's a really nice choice for a liquid lipstick. Might be a better choice for younger people. No plumping action that I could see.

Lip Gloss -Buxom -Full On Lip Polish Top Coat

on 4/24/2018 12:32:00 PM

Once I saw that Buxom had new Top Coats in it's Full On Lip Polish formula I had to pick this up. The color Iris is so beautiful that I can use it as a top coat and just alone. The formula is the same as the original Full On Lip Polish Formula, which is glossy, tingling from the peppermint, and non-sticky. If the tingling aspect of their original formulas bother you this will likely have the same result. I found the applicator a little clumsy since it is just a plastic strip, but a smart way to avoid picking up the original lipstick color you have on underneath. My more detailed review video and swatches can be seen here:

Lip Gloss -Buxom -Full-On Lip Polish in 'Sugar'

on 4/21/2018 10:09:00 PM


Pretty, sheer lipgloss with a mild tingling/burning sensation that does mildly plump my lips. Shade is neutral enough for pretty much any skintone. This is fairly sticky which helps it last longer but doesn't make it the most comfortable. A little more money than I like to spend on a lipgloss. Would probably repurchase.

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