Buxom Cosmetics began as a line of color cosmetics from Bare Escentuals, specializing in lip glosses, colors and mascaras. Bare Escentuals was acquired by Shiseido in 2010. Buxom products are now available for purchase on their website as well as retailers such as Sephora, Ulta, and Macy's.

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Eye Shadow -Buxom -Suede Seduction Eyeshadow Palette

on 8/12/2018 11:08:00 PM


This palette hasn't left my everyday bag since I purchased it 2 years ago. All the shadows are matte and buxom's mattes are some of the best in my opinion. They are pigmented and blend so easily. The colors are perfect for my skin tone (nw15/nw20) and I can achieve both a warm and cool toned look with it. My only quarrel is with the packaging, the shades are labeled on the back but not on the pans themselves, so I can't move them to another palette without losing the shade name. Other than that, this is an amazing palette and I truly believe if you haven't tried any of buxom's mattes, you're missing out on a great formula.

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Lip Gloss -Buxom -Lips - Dominique

on 8/6/2018 8:33:00 AM


As with all of the Buxom lip glosses, I am IN LOVE with this one! I wanted a clear gloss that would last on my lips, and it seems finding a cruelty-free* option for straight-up clear wasn't going to happen. All the ones I swatched at Ulta were super runny and thin. I don't like having to constantly reapply, so I figured I'd check this shade out in the Buxom range since I know these glosses tend to have the stickiness that I love. And honestly, I'm so glad I found this shade and went with it over a regular clear gloss!

The shimmers and sparkles in this are pretty noticeable, but not so dense that it makes the gloss appear white or frosty. There's enough clear going on to give that glassy look, but in the right light, the glitters twinkle in the prettiest, most alluring way, especially in the sunlight. It just adds a lovely dimension to an otherwise clear gloss.

The formula is consistent with the lip polishes in this range; it's thick, sticky, mega hydrating, and long-lasting. I know the stickiness may be a killer for some, but I enjoy it as it doesn't slide around or feather outside my lip line. I don't buy into the lip plumping gloss hype, since hydrated lips will always look more plump than parched lips, but with how hydrating this gloss is, it truly makes my lips look plush and healthy. Even well after the gloss has finally worn off, my lips look pillowy and kissable.

The packaging is gorgeous and sturdy, as usual. And the price at $20 is about what I'd expect to pay for a higher end gloss.

I will always repurchase from this range as long as it's being manufactured and sold!

*Buxom is a cruelty-free company, however their parent company, Shiseido, is not. Some may be bothered by this, but I prefer to take the stance that it's important to purchase from ANY company that refuses to test on animals, as it sends a message to other companies (including their parent companies) that there is a demand for it.

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Lip Gloss -Buxom -Full-On Lip Polish in 'Dolly'

on 8/1/2018 6:02:00 PM


I am in love with this gloss! I got a deluxe sized sample from Ulta and upon first use, I was hooked. It definitely plumps the lips a bit and in my case, I felt the tingling sensation that usually accompanies a product that plumps. The shade itself is a mauve-y nude shade that I think would work on all skin tones. I tend to pair it with a liner to deepen the color but it's gorgeous by itself. I like the consistency of the gloss - it's thick but not goopy and it doesn't feel heavy on the lips. I particularly like the scent of the product. I like this stuff so much that I bought the full size even though I haven't run out of the sample ;) I plan to keep this in my stash.

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Lip Gloss -Buxom -Full-On Lip Cream - White Russian

on 7/30/2018 5:12:00 PM


Just get the colourpop fairy floss or nyx butter gloss in fortune cookie to save yourself some money. The buxom one is plumping but to me its just a bit minty with a vanilla smell. Its sticky and it stays minty for awhile. I still prefer colourpop one because its unscented, non sticky butttt its not plumping. Also it doesnt feel heavy on the lips. the fortune cookie one is scented and creamy non plumping but color match is perfect to buxom. But fairy floss is s bit peachier but honestly its these 3 are all dupes
Nice color
Minty for a long time
Stay on does not fade fast

Can be drying and bunch up on lips
Vanilla smell which i dont like

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Lip Treatments -Buxom -PowerPlump Lip Balm - Flushed

on 7/30/2018 8:41:00 AM


**EDIT 8/3** I had to drop this down to two lippies, as it ended up drying out my lips with continued use. Pretty sad, as I loved every other aspect of this balm (except the packaging), but I can't justify using it long-term if my lips turn into a flaky mess in just a couple days. Ended up exchanging this for the Buxom gloss in "Dominique".

I picked this up after seeing it on Estee Lalonde's IG stories because I was very intrigued. I typically love Buxom lip products, and so far, this is no exception!
I grabbed the shade "Flushed" after swatching it at Ulta and falling in love with the shade. It's a pretty berry tint that "blooms" into a unique tint depending on your body temperature. It's very pretty and rather subtle, but definitely livens up my complexion beautifully. I normally don't go for sheer berry shades, but this one is strangely flattering on my light olive skin. Paired with simple eye makeup and glowy skin, it's great for an every day look. After the balm wears off, it leaves behind a subtle berry pink stain that looks super pretty.
This balm is quite hydrating, but I can't really speak to its plumping properties as I don't really believe things like that ever work. The hydration will make your lips look fuller anyway. I enjoy how soft my lips remain after this has worn off.
You get close to 5g of product, and at $17, it's really not a bad price for a higher-end product. The packaging is okay. It feels sturdy, but the bullet doesn't retract all the way which is a major no-no for me. Aside from that, the packaging is pretty basic and does the trick.
I am tempted to try the other shades in this range, but will wait for a while to see if this starts irritating my lips or drying them out, as balms like this tend to do. So far, I really do like this!

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