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Lip Treatments -Burt's Bees -Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

on 9/20/2018 11:26:00 PM


Nice simple lip balm, moisturized, didn't irritate and nicely scented with no annoying taste. I prefer mint balms but I would buy this again in a pinch.

Mascara -Burt's Bees -Mascara

on 9/20/2018 10:38:00 PM

I was intrigued to try this new product from Burt's Bees because it was being marketed as an all natural mascara. Although I have been switching out my makeup and beauty products for clean/green/all natural products for the past year, I have yet to try an all natural mascara...so I thought I'd try this one after hearing about it from a YouTube beauty guru who raved about it. I didn't like it.

- "all natural" .... although not 100% (some ingredients are not)
- Price (cheap)

- CLUMPS!!!!! A LOT!!!!
- no volume effect
- no lengthening effect
- This mascara doesn't really do anything in terms of adding volume or lengthening eyelashes. The ONLY thing it does (besides clump, ugh) is add color/product to the eyes ...so as basic as a mascara can be
- The wand bends. It's very flimsy. When you go to rub off excess product on the side, the wand bends. I've never experienced such a flimsy, bendy wand with any mascara, including drug store brands

- I've never had a mascara form so many clumps, did not enjoy
- Don't recommend
- Would not repurchase

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Lipstick -Burt's Bees -Lip Crayon

on 9/20/2018 8:57:00 AM


I usually don't buy Burt's Bees as in the past I wanted to love this brand but I just don't. However, my local Walgreen's had much of the line drastically reduced (I suspect they are no longer going to carry much of the line) so the lip crayons were all marked down to $2.39 (plus tax) from $9.79 so I got a pink tone called Carolina Coast. For $3 it is 4 stars, for $10 maybe 3?? (Note: They are $6 at Walmart but out of stock)

Waxy crayon, but super easy to apply and a forgiving pink-mauve shade that reads just slightly grey (which is fine) on me.
Like it but do not love it.

Again for less than $3 - I may go back and buy a few more shades.

This product is no longer available on the Burt's Bees website.
I fear it is gone for good.

Cleansers -Burt's Bees -Brightening Daily Facial Cleanser

on 9/20/2018 7:37:00 AM


I dont know why people don't like it cause it's my favorite. I love reading ingredients and i love how natural this cleanser is. I dont's use it to remove my makeup and pls dont use this to clean your makeup. It's gentle enough to remove the dirt from my skin without drying it out. But i have to admit that i cant stand this cleanser's smell

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Cleansers -Burt's Bees -Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Cotton Extract

on 9/13/2018 9:06:00 PM


I am in love with this face wash!

I got it while visiting family. I did not pack a cleanser because the one I owned was far too expensive to travel with and risk it spilling out, so I just picked this one up once I got to my destination. I normally am super skeptical with all of the Burts Bee's products. I think i tried a product and didnt like it a long time ago, I'm not sure. But I had seen one of their cleansers in my gal pals bathroom and she seemed to like it, so i bought myself one to try.

It has changed the game for me. That whole trip, I could not wait to wash my face in the morning and before bed. The texture of it was unlike anything else I had used and the scent was wonderful. I'm only giving this product a 4 star because while the texture and smell were enjoyable to me, I could see others really not enjoying it. It's a thick cream that can feel odd if your skin is more textured at the moment. I find mixing it with water before putting it on my face helps with that. it can take a second to rinse off but trust me, it feels so good after!

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