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Skincare - Face -Benton -Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

on 6/20/2018 5:07:00 AM


When I first used this product, this gel heated up on my skin. My face felt heated but not irritated. I had read few reviews on Reddit about this product heating up on skin. I was on tretinoin so, my skin barrier was comprised. Some botanical ingredient caused the heating effect on my skin.
Now that my skin barrier is restored, the heating sensation has gone. It feels cooling.
This product is one of the few hydrating gels that hasn't clogged my pores. It's hydrating. And it would work great under a facial oil. It's more thick than regular aloe gels. But sometimes, it does come out watery from the tube if it's a hot day. Doesn't have parabens and preservatives which I appreciate. But that also means you have to finish the product soon. Also it makes my skin kinda glow. Good hydration for oily acne prone skin.

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Toners -Benton -Snail Bee High Content Skin

on 5/31/2018 5:24:00 PM


Using the toner + Essence + lotion from this line. After a few days of usage my dry patches disappeared. Also my acne spots are fading. Will definitely repurchase.

Masks -Benton -Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack


I don’t like the smell of this mask, I have dry skin so I didn’t find this hydrating enough maybe suitable for oily skin types.

Lotions/ Creams -Benton -Shea Butter and Coconut Hand Cream

on 3/21/2018 5:08:00 PM


Living in Canada causes the skin on the back of my hands and knuckles to be red, dry and cracking from Fall all the way into Spring. I'm also a slight germaphobe so I wash my hands more often than the average person, which also contributes to the dryness. I've tried many different hand creams, and I've tried layering thick aloe and oil under hand creams before going to sleep (which is super greasy and gross). Nothing really seemed to work well.

It's Spring now and my hands have calmed down a bit - the skin still has red cracks in it, but not as bad as before. I'm not sure if this hand cream will perform as well during the Winter when my hands are at peak dryness but for now, I really enjoy it. It contains 20% shea butter, 3% coconut oil, and no added fragrance (which I really appreciate). It is quite thick and luxurious but is very easy to spread all over my hands and is only slightly greasy upon initial application. After a minute or so the cream sinks in completely without leaving a trace, and my hands are soft, silky smooth, and a lot less flaky.

The packaging is a nice metal foil tube, which I like a lot better than those plastic tubes. The size (50 grams) is perfect for travel or to just throw into my bag. The price is not too bad - I paid $12 CAD for 50 grams.

Overall, this is a great hand cream that I would keep repurchasing unless I find something cheaper that performs the same. I would definitely recommend this.

Toners -Benton -Aloe BHA Skin Toner

on 3/19/2018 10:30:00 AM


Honestly I'm not sure if this did anything for my skin. My skin is normal, leaning towards dry. The only major issue I deal with is redness and discoloration. This didn't really make any difference in my skin compared to any other toner, so I think this is average and is nothing special.


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