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Fragrances -Auric Blends - Night Queen Perfume Oil

on 12/12/2017 12:23:00 AM

A beautiful, romantic scent perfect for a date. Comes off a little strongly musky out of the bottle, but dries down to a slightly sweet floral that’s very relaxing.

Fragrances -Auric Blends -Egyptian Goddess


I've been wearing Egyptian Goddess for over 10 years and I have yet to find anything else that I never tire of. It's cozy, warm and sensual. It's my signature scent. Egyptian Goddess blends so well with my body chemistry I forget I'm wearing it until someone tells me how good I smell! It is long lasting, subtle and appropriate for everyday wear. I bought the 1.87 ounce bottle over a year ago and since a little goes such a long way and I use that bigger bottle to refill my roll-on..I've barely put a dent in that bottle :).
If you're wondering whether or not you should buy this, I say "yes, definitely!". If you want something subtle but warm. Musky yet not overly so. If you like Egyptian Musk scents, this is for you! Never gets old!

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Fragrances -Auric Blends -Fire Goddess

on 8/3/2017 4:55:00 PM

I ordered a sample of this on a whim because it said "back by popular demand" so I was curious. No note description on the Auric Blends site. I was very happy when it turned out to be a cinnamon scent! I'm thinking it might be Egyptian Goddess with cinnamon because of the name. Anyway, I love cinnamon but cannot usually wear oils with it because I get a skin reaction. I put this directly on my wrist and had no reaction. It didn't last very long but like a lot of oils, it may need a bit of a rest. I will wear it a few more times to be sure but I think I may end up with a full size roll-on of this. Fresh and spicy!

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Fragrances -Auric Blends -Love

on 4/24/2017 9:17:00 AM

This oil is pretty genius.

Subtle, sexy but not in an overt way, and quietly tenacious. It doesn't shout across the room; its presence is more like a persistent whisper. For days when a bold statement scent with the reach of five city blocks seems too much, this scent is perfect. Don't let the affordability fool you - as there are fantastic scents to be had at every price point and Auric Blends got this one right. (Disclaimer: I tried their famous Egyptian Goddess [their version of Egyptian Musk] and it went all wonky and sour on me.)

Whatever it purports to contain, all I get is something that gently hums along; a clever musk accord, a dash of something vaguely floral, some light woody elements, all lending to a beautiful skin scent. It's the kind of thing will make people lean in and say "Oooh, you smell really good..." as opposed to asking you what perfume you're wearing. Who wouldn't like that kind of compliment?

I've seen a few complaints on the fragrance boards where people were bemoaning that there's no scent to the scent but they're clearly anosmic to the musk blend used here. That's a shame because they'll never know what they're missing.

Edit: Now that I've obtained a bottle of the ever-elusive, cult favorite Narciso Rodriguez's Musc for Her (the limited edition perfume oil version, in the opaque black bottle) and had the chance to wear them side by side, I must say there are striking similarities once on skin, and frankly I prefer Love. Love's scent is less sharp, rounder, and with its roll-on applicator, much easier to apply. There's also the cost: NR is about 150.00 for 1.7 ounces - and that's only if you can find it - but Love will set you back a cool $7-8 for a1/3 ounce bottle that will last an eternity.

A favourite perfume oil - I buy three roll-ons at a time.

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Fragrances -Auric Blends -Tea Rose

Please note: The review is for Auric Blends "Rose"

A very perfect rose scent. A little soapy fresh. Tenacious and super long lasting on skin. Put on three pulse points yesterday afterooon and it's late afternoon next day -- going strong! Lovely.

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