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Fragrances -Atelier Cologne -Clementine California

on 11/11/2017 7:50:00 AM

I got a nice sized spray of this as a points perk at Sephora. Honestly, I love most of the Atelier fragrances I've tried....well, I love them for about 10 minutes and then they are GONE. Sadly, Clementine California is no exception in this. It is a gorgeous, fresh scent that truly smells like its name suggests. According to Sephora's site, this also has hints of vetiver (which I love), sandalwood, juniper and a few other nice things. And it really is fresh and citrusy and no one could find objectionable. But these lovely scents are gone in no time flat. If I'm paying these pretty steep prices (over $200 for a regular sized bottle), I want to be able to smell my fragrance when I put my nose to my wrist half an hour later. I think I have the "cologne" version of this and perhaps the perfume version might be stronger and longer lasting (I'll have to check when I'm next at the store) but, for now, this seems a total waste of money. I'd rather go to Saje and get a citrus-y based essential oil for a fraction of the price and know it will last throughout the day.

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Fragrances -Atelier Cologne -Mandarine Glaciale

on 11/9/2017 6:37:00 PM


When I put this on, there was a very strong blast of orange and other citruses, but that faded to a gentle, pleasant citrus within minutes. However, there's an underlying spicy smell that smells like curry. Very weird with the orange. It's not really bad per se, but I just don't like it, and don't want to smell like a spicy entree.

Fragrances -Atelier Cologne -Cafe Tuberosa

on 10/29/2017 9:06:00 PM

Really lovely scent. Smoky, complex. It has the quality of dark chocolate without all the cloying sweetness. Like the smell that hits you when you open the door to a cafe in Paris: coffee, chocolate, croissants, cigarette smoke, perfume. An "adult" scent, if you will. I can't see a teenager liking this. Angel, yes, because it's got that sweetness, Cafe Tuberosa, perhaps not. For a bottle readily available at Sephora it's a bit on the pricey side--I believe a full-sized bottle is $150--but if you're into ridiculously priced perfumes like I am (Malle's Carnal Flower is a pass-out-from-shock 260 dollars) 150 doesn't seem so bad for some juice as sophisticated as Cafe Tuberosa. Plus! You can buy a travel spray for $26! Ooh la la! I know a gal who's buying some new perfume this week!

Fragrances -Atelier Cologne -Philtre Ceylan

on 10/26/2017 3:36:00 PM

This perfume threw me for a loop. I broke a major fragrance selection rule and took this home before seeing how it unfolds over several hours. All of my attention at the time was focussed on if I was really going to go bold AND break the bank by buying Atelier Cologne’s Gold Leather. I was attending an AC event at Sephora and attendees were offered a gift with purchase: a 30 mL bottle of an AC fragrance with a personalized leather case. The new Collection Orient was introduced at the event and after smelling testers redolent with incense, cherry blossoms and spices, I was immediately taken with Philtre Ceylan. I love teas as much as I love perfumes. Perfumes and teas can elevate my mood, sharpen my senses and fill me with a sense of well-being. That first whiff of Philtre Ceylan took me back to my vacation in Japan and the bottles of milky black tea I would buy at Lawson convenience stores. I’d be exhausted yet happy from climbing many steps to beautiful temples, finding my way around on the extensive and excellent subway systems (so clean!) and experiencing visual stimulation overload on the crowded streets. I’d take a moment to recover by sitting and enjoying the caffeine boost of some cold and sweetened milky tea, while figuring out how to get to the next fascinating site on my packed itinerary. Philtre Ceylan was initially comforting to me, just like my favourite milky and spicy chai blend. I got all of the fragrant tea notes with PC that I wanted and never got in Oolang Infini.

I’m not a “chaser of new” but I decided on the spur of the moment to get PC as my gift with purchase. The Collection Orient was actually not going to be offered at the Sephora location that the event was held at, but an exception was made and 30 mL of Philtre Ceylan was decanted for me. I selected a fuchsia leather case and my first name was engraved in the leather. I was so delighted: Gold Leather was going to be my new big and brazen fragrance and PC would be my new chill-out fragrance. Several hours later at home, I smelled something unpleasant like body odour. After determining that my antiperspirant was still working (I would not have been surprised if it had stopped working earlier, because I had never spent so much money on a perfume!), I smelled my wrist. Oh no! Could PC contain cumin? There was no literature at the AC event for the new fragrances, so I was not aware of all of the notes of PC. My one and only experience with cumin in a perfume had been a jaw-dropper. I had been all excited to try Alexander McQueen’s My Kingdom and I was in shock after my first inhale. Speechless. It was like smelling the bed sheets after lovers had been reunited for two weeks in a windowless bedroom in August with no air-conditioning. Raunchy! I later learned that My Kingdom is a cumin bomb. Cumin can be used to add a spice element or give a sweaty note of sex to perfumes. My mind was now melting because I just could not believe that AC may have used cumin in a fragrance. AC’s fragrances are typically so inoffensive and in “good taste”. (Almost all of the young women at the AC event that evening had gone home with Pomélo Paradis and I was starting to wonder if I should have done the same!) But I had just bought the flashy Gold Leather so I knew that AC was capable to doing atypical fragrances. I also learned that philtre is French for “love potion”. I suppose there is usually an element of seduction with love potions and cumin was used to add that note of sex to PC. Oh my!

From Sephora’s website, the notes for Philtre Ceylan are: Bergamot, Spearmint, Cardamom, Black Tea, Green Tea, Iris, Cumin, Papyrus, Gaiac. Iris is also a note I can find troublesome; it tends to result in eau de old lady on me. I wear PC in cooler weather during the fall and spring. I’ve actually received compliments from coworkers on PC. I was told I smell nice and clean! LOL! I would say that 95% of the time, the cumin lays low when I’m wearing PC and it is a unique and soothing perfume. The other 5% of the time, when I smell the cumin note, I tell myself that I smell “spicy” and just go on about my business. This perfume keeps on my toes a little and I do like that. It also lasts well into the day on me. It is so rare to be truly surprised and intrigued with a new perfume and I appreciate that AC attempted to do something different.

Fragrances -Atelier Cologne -Vanille Insensee

on 9/20/2017 10:35:00 PM


Just as an FYI, I got a generous sample of this product from Sephora and have not purchased it yet. I am not someone that likes vanilla, it is just seems so boring to me. Usually any type of vanilla scent reminds me of birthday cake, or some sort of artificial scent, which is one of the reasons I keep away from vanilla scented perfumes. I agree with a reviewer who said this is a vanilla perfume for people who don't like vanilla. The scent has such warmth to it too. I definitely believe this is one of those scents you can wear in the office. With minimal spraying this is not a fragrance that will "hit the head" if you will and annoy coworkers. It is very sophisticated, but I don't think it is sexy, even though men love to smell vanilla on women apparently. It is akin to a warm blanket. I don't think the lasting power is very good, even though I can smell it still on my wrists after a long day of work, it is pretty weak. And OMG at the price, $85 for 1oz. If I were to purchase this, it would be the roller ball Atelier sampler that they sell at Sephora.

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