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Fragrances -Atelier Cologne -Iris Rebelle


Notes from Fragrantica:
Top notes are calabrian bergamot, orange blossom and black pepper; middle notes are iris, lavender and may rose; base notes are guaiac wood, patchouli and white musk.

Like many others, I also get the carroty-earthy vibe from this one. The combination of almost edible iris and the patchouli/black pepper/guaiac wood I think is what's doing it. This is definitely unisex and can be worn in all seasons, but it's a lot earthier than you would expect. If you're looking for a lipstick iris, this is NOT your gal.
I quite enjoy it.

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Fragrances -Atelier Cologne -Mandarine Glaciale

on 6/21/2018 11:35:00 PM


I agree with the curry and celery references. I will not purchase

Fragrances -Atelier Cologne -Vanille Insensee

on 6/13/2018 12:44:00 PM


Atelier Cologne make decent fragrances in general.

Vanille Insensee is excellent. It would make a wonderful signature scent actually.It has that slight mystery about it and it does not over project. It is the type of scent that becomes a part of you,your skin , your aura.

Vanilla ; dry , lightly woody but delectable with a undercurrent of inoffensive incense, a smoothness to the entire composition and yet it captivates. Vanilla can be incredibly boring or too sweet . Vanille Insensee has it's own personality . It's minimalistic but stylish . Like someone spilt some very good quality vanilla in an Ikea store. ( It's a compliment ! )

Strong at first and intriguing with that dollop of what I perceive as clean incense, Vanille Insensee calms down and lasts and lasts.It lasted through a shower .

The bottle is heavy ,clear and appealing. The price point is good imho .
Give it a chance. It is a beautiful ,modern scent.

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Fragrances -Atelier Cologne -Orange Sanguine


Orange Sanguine, which belongs to the collection Absolue Cologne, is a refreshing and energetic fragrance of fresh fruits laid on a sensual, oriental base. It contains notes of red orange, bitter orange, jasmine, geranium from South Africa, amber, tonka bean and sandalwood.

This smells very fresh, sweet and like a real orange but that soon fades to a faint floral.

MEH...not for me.

If you like this, you should try:
~Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange~Tocca Stella~

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Fragrances -Atelier Cologne -Bergamote Soleil

on 5/19/2018 1:42:00 PM


This one is just okay. Nothing special--just a sunny, inoffensive bergamot with a little floral. It is one of the quickest to disappear of all the Ateliers I've tried, which is saying something. I know there are supposed to be woodsy heart and base notes, but they are practically nonexistent on me. I don't need a scent that whacks me over the head for hours, but this is at the other end of the extreme.

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