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Palettes -Anastasia Beverly Hills -Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette

on 7/22/2018 5:52:00 PM


I do really love this palette. The shades are what drew me to the palette. There are nice cool and warm tones. However, the red and pink shades are very dry, chalky and powdery. They are beautiful colors which is a real shame. The shades this happens with is Love Letter, Venetian Red and Red Ochre. I've not had a problem with the rest of the shades. I can create really light or heavy eye looks with this.

Palettes -Anastasia Beverly Hills -Subculture

on 7/20/2018 12:40:00 AM


I squealed and picked this up at TJMaxx when I saw it for $25. (Later discounted a mere 3 weeks later to $21 at Sephora! *shakes fist*) This was a blind purchase, I had been out of loop, so discovered all the controversy AFTER taking it home. Boy was I sweating bullets after.

I'm glad I kept it, it's become one of my favorite palettes in my collection.

YES it's all true. This palette is not for beginners, they are barely pressed pigments, they require special consideration and need different brushes and application techniques based on the shade. I am a light touch dabber with my brush with any eyeshadow, so light that after using a palette, it still looks untouched. Not so with this one. I barely touch the top of Dawn (the softest), and the surface is definitely blemished. However, no it's not as dusty as in the videos as I don't put enough on to warrant tapping off excess, and I had no fall out with any of the shades. (I rarely do with any brand thanks to the Hakuhodo J5533, my one and done goat hair blender brush.) I can completely see this being a nightmare dust cloud with the wrong type of brush.

I love the color story. Anastasia describes the shades as "grungey" so yes, none are bright, all look murky, autumnal on the lid. Yes, the matte shades are powdery and will darken on the lid especially if they are oily like mine. Yes, unless you are fair, these shades will not pop but just.. murk ominously. I am NC35-N40 yellow with strong cool undertones translating to mega olive, and shades like All Star, a burgundy wine, turn into a red toned brown on my skin.

And as for the much maligned Cube and Electric? I would never use a wet brush or finger with these shades, guaranteed hardened surface. A stiff lay down brush like the Shu Natural 10 worked perfect for me, I would use the tip of it to "break" the surface and the flakey particles picked up just fine. I particularly like Electric as a topper, it brings a dimension of drama to any of the murky shades, livens them right up.

I love a challenge, I love creative looks. If you are like me, you too will enjoy this palette. There are rumors that it will be discontinued soon, so definitely don't be afraid to pick this one up if you are looking for something to flex your makeup artistry muscle. If you want something that blends effortlessly and comes together in 5 mins without having to think too hard, move on.

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Lipstick -Anastasia Beverly Hills -Liquid Lipstick


I bought the shade Trouble.

What I like
- packaging is nice. Doesn't make a mess
- The applicator works well on my lips. Applies very well
- Color did not transfer which is what i like the most about this lipstick.

What I don't like
- it is very dry and crumbles fast like not even 30 mins after application. :(

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Brows -Anastasia Beverly Hills -Brow Wiz

on 7/12/2018 6:43:00 AM


I have four backups of this brow product, I love this brow product. I have some gaps on eyebrows, but i love natural, bushy eyebrow look so this product gives me just what i want. I have naturally really cool toned dark brown hair and eyebrows. I tried many of these brow product, ebony is a bit dark but i get along with, but i also love medium brown. chocolate and dark brown are too warm for my cool toned hair. longevity is great, this pencil is not too pigmented which is awesome, i tried benefit precisely my brow and don't like it just because it's too creamy and pigmented. spooly is also great.

the only bad side if you have really sparse eyebrows, this will not last that long.

Brows -Anastasia Beverly Hills -Brow Powder Duo


this is a really good brow powder, it is very soft and natural looking i like that there are 2 shades in this so you can customize your look with it. i bought it once at retail and once during ulta’s sale and i dont think i will ever need to rebuy it -(i also think i wont ever buy another high end brow product again, its just not that worth it to blow through $$ like that)-

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