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trick from my stylist ++

(juicy70, 2013-06-03)

Here is the slush recipe! >>>

(anastasia_beaverhausen, 2013-05-08)

Here you go (rop for link)

(karma_b, 2013-03-19)

PBI: I got this one- r/o

(Bubbly, 2013-02-13)

(CrazyBroad, 2013-01-09)

my top 10+++

(bedhead19, 2012-01-12)

here are the ones I follow+++

(snickersforsnuggles, 2011-06-20)

It's an inverted bob ++

(lashesandlace, 2011-03-31)

An explanation on humectants, emollients and occlusives:

(huminahuminahuminahumina, 2010-12-08) ?

(minnnnie, 2010-10-28)


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