makeup by cherryjune

Matching eyes and highlighter!

(-MascaraMasquerade- , 2017-03-03)

2nd Morphe haul!

(-MascaraMasquerade- , 2017-02-19)

More pics. Thoughts?

(Katefesch, 2017-02-18)

Silver and gold disco! All glitter!!

(-MascaraMasquerade- , 2017-02-04)

Nude Lipstick swatches anyone?! :D

(agirlwithcakedupmakeup, 2017-02-02)

Bronzey nude boho glam fotd and notd ++

(laidbacklizard, 2017-01-13)

The Glossier look - how to

(drsealion, 2017-01-03)


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