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Deciem Hylamide SubQ Anti-Age

4.5 /5

38 reviews

CONCERN: lines, aging, dullness

"This is the first serum I've ever used that actually does what it says on the box...saw results in days, not skin just looks...plumper, more even, less lined,'s more a subtle difference..."

SKII Signs Up Lifter

4.8 /5

9 reviews

CONCERN: lifting/firming, line-filling

"...a thick silicone type serum that fills in any wrinkles or imperfections. I like putting it under my make up. It makes my face look smooth it makes my eyes and forehead feel lifted or tightened, in a good way."

Alpha Skin Care Intensive Rejuvinating Serum 14% Glycolic AHA

4.7 /5

28 reviews

CONCERN: acne, lines, exfoliation

"...just amazing! the ingredients [are] top notch [non-comedogenic] and it is the right pH and concentration to actually work...I saw immediate results after one night. My skin is smoother and my blemishes

Skin Actives Scientific - Collagen Serum

4.5 /5

28 reviews

CONCERN: multiple, including antioxidant protection, hydration

"Packed with an amazing combination of actives, vitamin c, l-carnosine, hyaluronic acid, EGF, sea kelp and version is clear and doesn't oxidize(?)...[and is no longer gritty]."

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

4.3 /5

30 reviews

CONCERN: hydration

" skin is constantly hydrated. [A] few of my friends have commented...super light [texture that] dissolves [immediately]...after seeing the results, I completely think it's...worth it...[for] dry skin repair..."

Gatsby Mandom Barrier Repair Repair Concentrate Serum

4.6 /5

13 reviews

CONCERN: hydration

"For the price...the performance is pretty much perfect. My skin is...much more balanced and hydrated [with] no additional redness or breakouts so I think I can safely say that it's pretty safe for the average person..."

Shiseido Future Solution LX Ultimate Regenerating Serum

4.6 /5

8 reviews

CONCERN: radiance

"I am in BIG trouble. I tried this serum, and now I am going to have to find a way to purchase this on a regular basis... $250 for 1oz of serum sounds INSANE...But honestly, the way my skin looked...the next day?...worth every penny."

Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) .30% Retinol Serum

4.6 /5

27 reviews

CONCERN: acne, lines, exfoliation

"Best retinol product on the market...I use every other night and my skin is smooth and fine lines are reduced especially around my eyes. Priced very [reasonably]..."

NOTE: silicone base

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic Acid + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum

3.6 /5

15 reviews

CONCERN: eye area

"I am on my 7th or 8th bottle, and that's unusual for me. I am in my late 50s, and I don't think my eye area has aged at all since I started using this 2 years ago. I can use it all around my eyes without any irritation."

Isomers copper p concentrate serum

4.5 /5

24 reviews

CONCERN: soothing irritation, healing

"This...calm[s] any redness or irritation from peels and AHA s, and it keeps my skin moisturized enough [to avoid] unpleasant flakies. It hasn't led to any pimples or extra shine [on] my greasy, acne-prone skin."

Beyond Belief Vita C Antioxidant Serum

4.3 /5

35 reviews

CONCERN: brightening, exfoliation, plumping

"This serum is refreshing, energizing, and softening. It makes my skin feel like silk, and my skin appears more this serum includes Salicylic acid for exfoliation, and peptides for plumping."

No Brand (DIY or homemade) Homemade Vitamin C Serum

4.4 /5

193 reviews

CONCERN: hyperpigmentation, roughness

"I have not had any new spots, my dark circles under my eyes are barely noticeable, and my skin is smoother, my dark circles under my eyes are barely noticeable, and my skin is smoother, plumper..."

Obagi System Professional-C Serum 20%

4.4 /5

25 reviews

CONCERN: dullness, unevenenss

"My complexion has become SO much brighter, firmer and just overall even toned. I have been getting compliments left and right."

NOTE: some experience breakouts w/ 20%, and use 15% from this line instead

Ren Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil

4.4 /5

43 reviews

CONCERN: hydration, reducing inflammation

"It feels so nice when you put it on. But most importantly, the results - UH-MAZING! It just works - my skin feels dewy and goes on better...[helped] eliminate my inflammation."

Vichy Thermal Fix Serum

4.4 /5

7 reviews

CONCERN: hydration

"...easily absorbed. I have dry-combo skin and it feels like drinking water when putting it on. Then I apply the moisturizer to lock the water in...[it's] hydrating enough to use alone in summer."

NOTE: heavily perfumed

Topix Replenix Green Tea Serum CF

4.3 /5

30 reviews

CONCERN: inflammation; Vit C-intolerant

"I have tried about every antioxidant and vitamin c serum out there and either they would be cone based/break me out or my skin would be left a tad irritated/red. I love...that it is green tea based."

CSI Vitamin C + 12% Youth Serum

4.4 /5

19 reviews

CONCERN: dullness

"Excellent, anhydrous 12% vitamin C serum. Very stable for a L-ascorbic serum since it contains no water and is packaged in a tinted glass bottle with dropper. No fragrance. Amazingly inexpensive."

NOTE: contains butylene glycol

Beyond Belief Alpha Beta Hydroxy Intensive Serum

4.2 /5

31 reviews


"If you suffer from keratosis pilaris (those pesky red, goose bump looking things on upper arms, thighs) you must try this serum. [No other product has] worked so efficiently as this in only 2 applications."

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum

4 /5

44 reviews

CONCERN: hydration

"Phenomenal moisturizer that by far surpasses...a considerable array of other moisturizers...I use it at nighttime...and wake up with perfectly hydrated skin. I have been purchasing it for several years now..."

NOTE: mixed results

Timeless Skin Care 20% Vitamin C Serum + Vitamin E + Ferulic Acid

4.1 /5

63 reviews

CONCERN: tone, texture, price

"While I don't think the results of Timeless are any different than other good vit C serums, the price is right."

NOTE: mixed reviews

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Pore-Refining Anti-Aging Serum

4.2 /5

22 reviews

CONCERN: acne, texture

"It works to get rid of melasma and hyperpigmentation from acne!"

NOTE: love or hate

Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) Mandelic Acid Serum

3.9 /5

13 reviews

CONCERN: multiple - acne, hyperpigmentation

"My pores look smaller and my skin is less oily. I haven't had any new breakouts in 3 weeks since starting this, which is pretty amazing. My skin is smoother and fine lines and sun spots are diminishing."

SkinActives Antioxidant Serum

4.9 /5

10 reviews

NOTE: this serum - and those that follow - have great ratings, are still available, but haven't been reviewed in some time. Worth a look!
CONCERN: multiple

"This...definitely tightens and evens out my complexion."

Priori Coffeeberry Tightening Serum

4.7 /5

6 reviews

CONCERN: lifting, tightening

"...a great tightening serum that I use [daily] under my [moisturizer]. It does exactly what it claims, lifting my face and supporting the skin, [without] breaking me out."

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Serum

4.7 /5

15 reviews

CONCERN: hydration

"This serum is amazing . Was so glad to see everyone else agrees . I'm quiet oily but I don't find this to rich or heavy it doesn't sit on top of my skin it's hydrates my dehydration and gives my skin a glow without looking oily."

Orlane Anti-Fatigue Absolute Recovery Serum

4.2 /5

9 reviews

CONCERN: lack of glow

"This feels light and soothing, even cooling, and glides on. My cheek pores are tiny now and a month ago, during an overworked period, they were ragged. Keeps skin hydrated and silky."

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