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A & D - Original Ointment

4.9 /5

22 reviews


"They say in Hollywood if this very fishy smelly cream were given out as much as those overrated, overpriced creams there'd be no need for botox & unfortunately many facial informercials would be out of business."

Walgreens - Alpha Hydroxy Lotion 8%

4.3 /5

192 reviews

"Imagine my surprise to find that a cream that sells for $6.99 at my local drugstore would be the most effective of all. I am now on my 2nd jar of this and absolutely panic when I travel overseas and forget to bring it with me."

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

4.5 /5

265 reviews

"The key is you have to know how to use it. I don't use this all over my face just on areas that tend to be a bit drier than others. It doesn't moisturize, it seals in's helped make some fine lines disappear and prolong softness."

TCP Antiseptic Liquid - Pimples/Spots

4.4 /5

17 reviews

"I...dabbed a little bit of this on my spots before [I] went to bed and when i woke up in the morning the redness of my spots had completely calmed down and the spot size [had] shrunk...i love it!!"

e.l.f. Shine Eraser Blotting Sheets

3.6 /5

158 reviews

"I like these, they get rid of oil on my t zone and they're just $1. I like using these especially in the summer so I'm not piling on powder every time my forehead gets oily. They are thin but I think they work well,would repurchase."

De La Cruz 10% Sulfur Ointment

4.1 /5

65 reviews

"I only wish I knew about this DECADES ago. I was skeptical because nothing other than an injection gets rid of my cystic acne. However, the sulfur ointment worked as quick as a injection."

e.l.f. Zit Zapper

3.7 /5

166 reviews

"HOLY GRAIL. Bought one shot because its THAT GOOD. It zaps away smaller zits overnight but with bigger zits, it takes 2-3 days. Price wise it's great but i hate the...rollerball...[it] gets really unsanitary and little product gets [dispensed]...

Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream

3.8 /5

36 reviews


"I use this to hydrate the under eye, I find that concealer applies better that way. While I don't feel this does anything to minimize lines or circles, it does hydrate very well."

NOTE: mixed reviews

Palmer's Line Smoothing Eye Cream

3.9 /5

42 reviews

"I really like this does a good job in hydrating my very sensitive under eye area. It has a nice texture and glides on and absorbs well. I have noticed that my eyes do look a little bit brighter in the morning..."

NOTE: mixed reviews

Nivea Q10 Plus Wrinkle Control Eye Cream

3.3 /5

119 reviews

"It goes on well, doesn't drag, absorbs quickly and has a light fragrance. It does a good job of moisturizing but it wouldn't say it does very much more than that. It's good value for money, as a little goes a long way."

NOTE: mixed reviews.

Garnier Anti dark circle roller

3.8 /5

61 reviews

"The consistency is very thin, and really only gives a very light coverage. It doesn't work as a stand-alone concealer for me. But it corrects really nicely, blends to invisible, and doesn't crease! I use it under my [regular concealer]."

Fruit Of The Earth Fruit of the Earth - Vitamin E Cream

4.3 /5

84 reviews


"This cream is a must have! bumps, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, etc. I have been using this after...shaving and my legs have never looked better. It makes my skin smooth as silk red bumps!"

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel

4.2 /5

19 reviews

"I LOVE this stuff. I like to use this on areas where I have picked acne spots that are red and annoyed. This really helps to heal them faster and takes care of oil. This works fantastic as a makeup primer..."

GNC - Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream

4.4 /5

16 reviews

"'...on my cheeks and chest...where I have some sun is helping, far better and faster than the fade creams I've used before [without breakouts]..."

Jason Natural Cosmetics 5000 I.U. Vitamin E Revitalizing Moisturizing Creme

4.2 /5

38 reviews

"This stuff is the bomb!! I have pretty dry, acne prone skin. I put this on at night and wake up and it is still there nourishing my skin in the morning. It's the only moisturiser that seems to last all night. It's not greasy and didn't break me out."

Trader Joe's Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion SPF 15

4.3 /5

128 reviews

"It's affordable, it's emollient, it's hydrating, it's smoothing, it's got SPF, I'm always amazed at how much I glow when I put it on. It's a highlight of my morning!"

Olay Active Hydrating Cream - Original

4.2 /5

95 reviews

"I have used moisturizer samples from Lancome, and Shesiedo, but the high end ones break me out. I just used a sample from Dior, and I developed an outbreak. So I am back using this $6.00 bottle of magic."

NOTE: strong scent

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

4.1 /5

4298 reviews


"This is an amazing product...My face gets really greasy and gross if I don't powder or add a mattifier, but after I use this mask, it's like my skin is normal! The consistency of this mask is very thick, but it spreads [and removes] easily..."

Queen Helene Mud Pack Face Mask

4.1 /5

228 reviews

"This is amazing. It cleanses but keeps the moisture, my pores are gone, my complexion is glowing and even, I love it. I didn't notice any redness or reaction (the ingredients are not all natural unfortunately...) so i will keep buying!!"

Perlop - Concha Nacar

4.5 /5

34 reviews

"Love, Love, Love this product I use it 3xs weekly and it's been like 5 years and it's amazing. It takes away my acne scars and helps smooth my skin... AMAZING STUFF!!"

Drugstore Witch hazel

4.3 /5

123 reviews


"...going "all natural" with witch hazel was my best decision ever...Works just as good as any other toner I've used for a fraction of the price! Skin feels refreshed, clean, all traces of dirt/makeup are [removed]."

Sea Breeze Fresh-Clean Astringent, Sensitive Skin

4.1 /5

38 reviews

"This is an Old School staple! Hands down this is one of the best astringents you can my Thayers rose toner, but...when my skin is bumpy [or] icky I break out the Sea Breeze, it gets the job done and dries everything up..."

Garnier Fresh Toner [DISCONTINUED]

4.3 /5

140 reviews

"i find this toner very refreshing and hydrating. it does not irritate my already irritated skin and leaves it supple and soft. it also does not irritate the eyes. overall, i cant find anything bad to say..."


4.5 /5

114 reviews

"This has been a savior for my acne prone skin. I adore the light rose scent. I use [it] as facial mist, toner and to set my foundation for a dewy finish."

NOTE: brands differ/ingredients matter - check labels

L'Oreal Hydrafresh Toner

3.9 /5

159 reviews

"'I've been using this [for] over a decade...Nothing compares to this toner. You get a lot...for the money. It feels cool and light on the skin...[has a] light floral fragrance and it doesn't irritate my normal to dry skin."

Garnier Sensitive Soothing Sensation Toner

4.6 /5

15 reviews

"This toner is extremely gentle and does not irritate my skin in the slightest. When applied my skin is left feeling clean and refreshed. My skin gets no oilier after using this and my breakouts look soothed and calmed."

Queen Helene Oatmeal N' Honey Natural Facial Scrub

4.2 /5

231 reviews

"Wonderful product, I love it!...After rinsing, flakiness and dry patches disappear and my skin appears to have satisfied its thirst and drank all the water it needed. The granulation is very gentle and the aroma very satisfying."

Freeman Creamy Apricot Scrub

4.3 /5

14 reviews

"I was skeptical that this scrub would work as well as the [regular apricot scrub, however]...I soon appreciated that...the finer texture, makes it easier to work in. The super-fine walnut granules make a great mechanical exfoliator."

St. Ives Apricot Scrub - Invigorating

4.1 /5

301 reviews

"There [is a high concentration of] "beads" you really feel the deep exfoliation. To some it may be too harsh but I feel like it's what really makes it work. I have super sensitive, acne prone, dry skin and this [has not irritated it]."

Vaseline Vaseline - Pure Petroleum Jelly

4.3 /5

63 reviews


"I rarely wear heavy eye makeup, but when I do I remove it with this. Simply massage gently onto the eyelids and remove with a warm, wet wash cloth. Very gentle and very thorough."

Clean & Clear Oil free Soothing Eye Makeup Remover [DISCONTINUED]

4.4 /5

91 reviews

"I have used this product for a long time and really like it for cleaning off my waterproof eye makeup. I find that's the hardest thing to clean off completely and this does a nice job without irritating my eyes."

Equate Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

3.8 /5

86 reviews


NOTE: two varieties look similar; only the Neutrogena dupe is well rated

Skin Milk's Facial Cleanser

4.3 /5

15 reviews


"[this has] Lemon and Papaya extracts which are suppose to even out the skintone. The texture is creamy and lathers well on the face...It washes off makeup residue fairly well and leaves the skin soft."

NOTE: some say it rinses poorly

Huggies Gentle Care Sensitive Wipes

4.6 /5

13 reviews

"After spending [much more for fewer] makeup wipes...i decided to try baby wipes...3 dollars for 72 wipes AND a cute little container to keep them nice and moist...They work great for removing makeup"

Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Wipes

3.8 /5

15 reviews

"These wipes are my HG makeup remover wipes!...They do not cause me to breakout at all and my face feels really clean and refreshed after using them. They remove my makeup very effectively..."

Buf Puf Face Sponge-Gentle

4.6 /5

45 reviews

"my dark spots...are gone!...The only thing I have done different is using the "regular " Buf Puf & Dr. Bronners tea tree soap ..not even my Clarisonic or Murad products helped...$4BUCKS & have not used my Clarisonic since purchasing BP."

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