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Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel

3.7 /5

131 reviews

"Within 2 days of using this gel and the acne wash, I got 0 new zits. It's not a fluke, I've been using this for about a month and have gotten no new zits... it works."

Joesoef Skin Care Anti-Acne Soap

4.4 /5

25 reviews

"I have spent so much money on so many popular anti acne products and they did little to help my acne. I cant believe how great this soap works and how affordable it is!...I love this product!"

CLINIQUE Acne Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask

4.4 /5

5 reviews

"I enjoy that this mask works in a quick five minutes...Also, if I know that I have a pimple coming in, I apply this mask...the pimple gets drawn to the surface so that I can deal with it right away."

Nature's Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray

3.6 /5

8 reviews

"After just a few days of using this product half of my acne on my neck has cleared up of using this daily! I'm so happy I found this product, without a doubt I will purchase this again."

Nelson's Homeopathic Products Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel

4.2 /5

91 reviews

"This stuff is great!...Wear every morning and night for the past 3 mths and my skin has been completely clear!...This stuff WORKS."

Yes To Tomatoes Daily Repair Treatment

3.9 /5

15 reviews

"Within a few days of use I noticed that my skin was not only was it clearing, it was healing up well. My pores seemed to have tightened and minimize their appearance. It's been a few weeks now and my skin has improved dramatically."

Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser

3.7 /5

285 reviews

"I absolutely will never be without this cleanser again... This stuff is so cheap and found everywhere. I don't know why I didn't try it sooner!"

Zapzyt Maximum Strength 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Gel

3.9 /5

173 reviews

"I truly believe this stuff is the reason I haven't had a pimple in has cleared my skin without drying me out or irritating my rosacea. I'll keep buying it as long as it is made!"

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub

4.1 /5

303 reviews

"The very first thing that I noticed was the incredible fresh scent... then the cool tingle on my face (you can actually FEEL this product working & your skin getting clean)... then how smooth my skin felt afterward. It also didn't leave my face too dry."

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion

4 /5

157 reviews

"This worked like a charm for my daughter's acne...Saw results in 2 days, with dramatic results after 10. Her skin looks better than it has in a year and she is thrilled. Me, too. Phew."

Oxy Maximum Action Rapid Treatment Face Wash

4.1 /5

100 reviews

"NO MORE OILY SKIN. EVER. That's what this product has done for me!...The cleanser itself works like nothing I have ever seen. It's absolute magic. It's as if it just takes all the garbage right out of my face and fixes all of my terrible problems."

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser - Normal to Dry Skin

4 /5

462 reviews

"A fabulous product that I will buy again and again...literally changed my skin for the better...I struggled with cystic acne, and after using this very cleanser, my skin is pretty clear, the clearest its been for a very long time."

PanOxyl Acne Creamy Wash - Benzoyl Peroxide 4%

3.9 /5

11 reviews

"It has 3 strong chemicals that make this a great addition to anyone's face clearing regimen (benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, & lactic acid)... Acne scarring/hyper-pigmentation will greatly be reduced...excellent job of killing acne & exfoliating."

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser

3.8 /5

9 reviews

"I tried this product for the first time in mid August and within a month my skin was clear! I was so amazed... not only removed all traces of acne from my face but also prevented it."

Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads

4 /5

62 reviews

"They are powerful but much to my surprise, they started to work within about 4 days. My active pimples are dried or drying and my oil production is way, way down. Blackheads and skin texture is hugely improved, wow!!"

Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 Acne Medication

4 /5

942 reviews

"What a wonderful product...I love benzoyl peroxide. It's as close to a magic fix as I've found and it gives me reliable results with none of that it-worked-for-a-week-but-then-my-face-exploded nonsense."

Galderma - Benzac AC 2.5 (Benzoyl Peroxide Water-Based Gel 2.5%)

4.3 /5

42 reviews

"I highly recommend Benzac AC as an acne treatment, particularly if you're also suffering from acne that do not respond to standard salicylic formulations. This is actually *gentle* and well-tolerated by my dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin." AHA+ (Glycolic Acid - 10%)

4.3 /5

193 reviews

"Great product, removed redness/acne scars...You can use it as either a spot treatment or all over your face...This makes my skin glow and look even better than when I have make up on. It erases my fine lines and shrinks my pimples." Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide - 2.5%)

4.4 /5

601 reviews

"I have tried everything to get rid of my hormonal acne and this is these are the only products that have worked for me!"

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

4.4 /5

54 reviews

"These are great tools for fixing your skin! Put them on an open sore/pimple, go to sleep, and presto change-o all the gross stuff is on the patch rather than under your skin. Really they are a revolution."

Hibiclens Antiseptic Skin Cleanser

4.6 /5

45 reviews

"My doctor told me to use this on my face twice daily plus on my body to decolonize myself. the soap itself controls infection for about 6 hours. I have to say, it's been a lifesaver for me, my skin, my confidence."

Desert Essence 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil

4.3 /5

263 reviews

"This product was a miracle for my skin. I had these weird flesh colored bumps on my cheeks and forehead, after using one drop of TTO with about two pumps of cetaphil every morning and night for a week and a half... the bumps were gone."

Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover

4.4 /5

101 reviews

"A holy grail product for really bad zits!... give it time to work. Stick them on before you sleep and leave it on works like a dream."

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