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Toners - Unlisted Brand - witch hazel

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i have been looking for something to help clear up my acne for years.
found it. smells a little weird but so worth it. give it two weeks - i noticed some breakouts at first but my skin has SERIOUSLY never been clearer. i can't believe i can be happy with my skin before foundation. (i still have some post acne marks but they are healing and i'm see progress swiftly!)

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Other - Sephora Collection - Customer Service

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eh, i think it's weak at least at the JCPENNEYS location one closest to me. they seem to be doing their own make-up or not around whenever i go in. one time i went in and asked an associate for help with getting NARS sheerflow foundation - she took forever to get to me, which is fine, but then spent 1 second with me. i ended up returning the foundation and concealer after 2 days because it …Read more

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Moisturizers - Neutrogena - Healthy Skin Facial Lotion

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My mom bought this for me when I first started to reallly get into to skin care. It seems to never run out - probably because I have been buying others. I recently started to use it again because I ran out of my Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Acne one that I preferred. It makes my skin STING. Don't think it does anything for my skin as far as helping break outs because I have been breaking out lately …Read more

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