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Eye Shadow - ColourPop - Super Shock Shadow - Cop a Feel

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This eyeshadow is the best product you've never heard of. I ran across it on Cara Brook's Maskcara blog, when I saw a gorgeous color on the lids of one of her makeover models. Although the model had creamy caramel skin, the color "On the Rocks" looked as though it might be fabulous on any skin, even on someone very ivory. I found the manufacturer at and …Read more

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Pressed Powders - Charlotte Tilbury - Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

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This powder, while finely milled, goes on beautifully. However, I've never seen anything oxidize so horrifically on my face. Put simply, I go out the door looking like a normal human being, and I end up looking, four hours later (and with no foundation--only a touch of concealer and a little blush) like I joined the John Boehner Oompa-Loompah Club. I'm orange. Full stop.

The …
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