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Fragrances - Aquolina - Pink Sugar Eau de Toilette

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8 months ago

I would give a Zero rating if I could! This stuff STINKS!! When I put it on, this perfume smelled sickenly sweet! It was so disgusting. It not only smells sweet but it has a baby powdery fruity sugary sweet smell which just does not go good together. It smelled like an old lady’s perfume but even worse because it was mixed with this unbelievably sickenly fruity candy powdery scent on top of it. I …Read more

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Other - Unlisted Brand - Rapunzel of Sweden hair extensions

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ZERO STARS!!! These are the worst tape in hair extensions I have seen and customer service is horrible!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, THEY ARE A SCAM!!! I bought these extensions and when I received it, they had silver tinsel strands going through the extensions. I did more research and saw a YouTube video where a woman even said she didn't know what type of hair it was but she believed it was …Read more

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Hair - Unlisted Brand - Luxury for Princess - Hair Extensions

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I love Luxury for Princess extensions. I was looking for a really good set and I knew since I was investing a lot of money into extensions I wanted to take the time to research. I researched online for about 1 month before making a purchase. I heard many great reviews for Luxury for Princess that is why I purchased from them. If you look online you will even see there are tons of good reviews …Read more

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