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Hair Treatments - Unlisted Brand - FX Special Effects - Silk Milk

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i bought this product on a whim.
normally, i waste my money on volumizing and thickening hair products because of my fine hair, but i had just quit straightening my hair (it's practically straight anyway - so stupid of me), and wanted my hair to recover.
it's definitely my holy grail hair product.
the first 3 days after i bought it, i knew i was …
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Conditioner - Kenra - Volumizing Conditioner

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idkk, i guess it's just one of those things...realllll bad ratings, but it worked amazing for my hair!
just depends, you know?

well, it made it soft, super shiny, managable, and not as rough on the ends...i mean, they're not necessarily dry/damaged, but like a medium of both,

i like it(:
doesn't weigh my hair down.

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Treatments (Face) - - AHA+ (Glycolic Acid - 10%)

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lasts forever.
helps acne scars and complexion.
clears acne furtherrr,
didn't make me burn from increased sensitivity to sun.

however, mine was REALLY liquidy and poured out of the bottle because its viscosity was soso thin. it balls up sometimes.

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Shampoo - Kenra - Volumizing Shampoo

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i like the packaging, it's not overdone, sleek & nice. i rated the price 1 because i got it from bidding at relay for, it doesn't really count.

however, it's great!

- smell is good
- adds volume
- makes my hair soft
- not overdrying
- clear, thin, yet creamy formula (volumizing shampoo should always have a thin viscosity and …
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Styling Products - TIGI - Bedhead Small Talk

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thickens, volumizes.
and OMFG;
it IS a thermal protectant.!
gosh, i'll use one additionally for an extra oomph, but it even says so on

3-in-1 Thickifier, Energizer, Stylizer

Thickifier – adds body and volume. Energizer – gives life to limp hair. Stylizer – defines, separates and …
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Primer/ Corrector - Smashbox - Photo Finish Primer

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i like this sort of primer for my skin, it works great, keeps my makeup on all day with easy application.
the only reason i reviewed this product badly is that;
you can get the SAME exact product with the same ingredient and performance and everything at walmart in the women's care section for $8.
it's called monistat soothing care chafe relief …
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Treatments (Face) - Mario Badescu - Special Healing Powder

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one word; MATTE.
no shine.
all day.
which is fabulous news for those with acne/oily skin, or both.
my already longlasting foundation is now matte all throughout the touchups.
it really does help with redness, and the sulfur dries up blemishes.(:
it's just, seriously, perfect over foundaton, especially after setting with the facial spray w/ aloe, herbs …
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