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Makeup Brushes - Flirt - Feather Dust-her (aka Skunk Brush)

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Where do I begin with this brush? Hmm...

First off it is very flimsy, which makes it very difficult to evenly spread product around. It's really soft but for some odd reason the handle smells very industrial? Fail on that one. Overall I think this brush is great for a light application of blush, bronzer, or a highlighter. But I do not recommend this for foundation use, it's …
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Eye Primer - benefit Cosmetics - Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer

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This product would be great if the packaging was different. The pump dispenses too much for one application. It didn't work that well as an eye primer but it was great as a concealer/concealer primer. I would buy this product again if they got rid of the stupid pump.

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