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Blush - benefit Cosmetics - Posietint

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Just. Don't. Unless you are applying at the local circus. Please. Do yourself a favor. If you want misses piggy pink stained the eff all over your cheek for the rest of the day, go right ahead and blow 30 dollars on this garbage. Not cute...unless it's the look your going for then more power to you I'm not judging, just not the look I'm going for most days..maybe halloween..

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Brows - MILANI - Brow Fix Kit

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I've been sort of obsessed with the perfect brow over the years. Brows and foundation are sort of my poisons. Anyway, being naturaly light blonde I'm fairly lucky to have ANY eyebrows to work with. My mother who dies her hair blonde has invisible sparse brows and has the urge to kill her own child when she sees mine. I'm trying to teach her that it's mostly an illusion! This …Read more

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Lipstick - REVLON - Colorburst Lip Butter (All Shades) [DISCONTINUED]

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Count me in, guys. I'm in love. It's times like these I am so greatful that we have places like makeupalley and youtube to find out about great products like these from real people. Before the age of the makeup communitys and being connected to all you kick ass people all I had to rely on for product recs was the magazines, which of course just promote their sponsor's products …Read more

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Bronzers - benefit Cosmetics - HOOLA

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I got into "high end" makeup and shopping at sephora about 6 years ago. In the midst of the excitment of new brands and discoverys, I was immediately drawn to benefit boxed powders and the brand as a whole. It was pretty much down hill from there. After the honeymoon phase wore off and I began to branch out into more and more brands, maybe the ones that werent so flashy with gimmicky …Read more

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Treatments (Eye) - Mario Badescu - Hyaluronic Eye Cream

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I received a sample of this eye cream and found it rather odd that while using it my eyelids actualy dried out and developed dry flakies! Really weird since I have oily skin and don't normaly even wear a seperate eye cream- just dab a bit of my regular facial moisturizer around the area. Hmmph.

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Fragrances - Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy

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This smells really sweet and delicious. But the only draw back is that I personaly feel like this fragrance is more suited for a teen or young woman. I am not being ageist, this scent smells beautiful on my Mom and it's just a matter of personal taste and personality! I am 24 and for me I am just now wanting a more sophisticated womanly scent, which isn't this. I only wish it had a …Read more

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Fragrances - Dolce&Gabbana - Light Blue Eau de Toilette

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I really don't like writing negative reviews but I guess we're all here to give our two cents, and here's mine: I really wanted to like this and I thought I would! I was lemming this for 2 years and I was looking for a perfect fresh summer pick me up scent. Well for me this is not it. I have it on my wrist now and pee-yew, all it smells like on me is a men's cologne. Very …Read more

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Palettes - Urban Decay - NAKED [DISCONTINUED]

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Ah the big bad Naked Palette. What's to add that hasn't already been said? For some reason I'm still compelled to give my two cents. :)
I am, like many other women a busy twenty something mommy who prefers understated yet feature enhancing neutrals for my everyday life. Now, don't get me wrong. I adore UD for they're stunning color enriched eyeshadows just as much as …
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