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Cleansers - Fresh - Soy Face Cleanser

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8 months ago

While at college, my skin had become very problematic. I had started developing acne, which was very weird to me because my skin has always been pretty clear and even. I was red in areas I hadn't been before, my skin texture was bumpy and I was getting new blemishes and spots by the day it seemed. Naturally, i decided to completely revamp my skincare to see if my skin would improve. I was in …Read more

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Moisturizers - La Mer - Creme de la Mer The Moisturizing Creme

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11 months ago

Everyone including myself love this cream! Instant healthy glow and compliments from strangers for 4 months. However, I stopped using his because one of the main ingredient is MINERAL OIL! I read the ingredient list on Sephora and it did NOT say “no parabens, phthalates, and sulfate” either which was alarming to me. When I stopped using it, I had major breakouts and it was really unusual. Never …Read more

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Deodorants - Kiss My Face - Liquid Rock Deodorant

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11 months ago

I've tried more natural deodorants than I can possibly remember. From powders to sprays to creams to solids. I had a little success with alcohol based spray and A LOT of irritation with anything baking soda based. Nothing has ever truly worked until this. I've had a bit of odor protection from others but they always wear off quickly. For my body (I sweat a lot and get pretty stinky) …Read more

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