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Fragrances - CHANEL - No.5 Parfum

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Years ago I thought this was wonderful, always tested it in stores and when I finally purchased the big bottle I found it included a strong smell akin to rubbing alcohol. I think I got a bad batch or the recipe was changed drastically. Very disappointed, I thought of reselling but didn't in-case it is a bad batch.

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Fragrances - Giorgio Armani - Si Eau de Parfum

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Allow the fragrance to settle and it will open up after 10 or 15 mins. I have a very sensitive sense of smell and usually spray perfume on a cotton swab and dab on, I find this sharp and strong at first but now after it settles I love it.
I had felt it wasnt for me then used temporarily as a car fragrance (cotton swab and ziplock bag, slightly open), thus I ended up loving it and taking it …
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