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Skincare - Body - Trader Joe's - Body Scrub

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Smells SO heavenly and is great for dry winter skin. The only problem is that it's very oily, so if you don't like the oily feeling on your skin, it's not for you. Also, it leaves the shower floor slippery. I wish they didn't use soybean oil, but that's just a personal preference. Overall, a wonderful product!

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Lotions/ Creams - St. Ives - 24-Hour Moisture Lotion

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My HG body lotion. It's cheap and works really well. I have dry sensitive skin and my legs become particularly dry from shaving/using a loofa/taking hot showers. However, slathering this on after the shower locks in the moisture and my legs are sooooo soft and smooth. If used continuously, your skin actually changes. Before, I had visible "wrinkles" on my legs - dry scale-y …Read more

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