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Cleansers - Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser

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I bought this product a week back. The first time i used it, i realized it wasn't 'hardcore' enough, but heres how i use it now.
First i remove my makeup
than i gently massage on a layer of this, wait for a bit
hop into the shower rinse it off and use my regular cleanser.
This works well on my oily combo skin, its a fantastic routine :)

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Crème - benefit Cosmetics - Some Kind-A Gorgeous

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i'm a asian girl with tanned skin and i purchased a medium when my family was vacationing in Hawaii.
I have had it for a while now, it's not one of my go to products, but i don't use anything else on my face. I've tried a few TM but I still found it a bit cake-y.
This product was a hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes it would just blend in flawlessly but sometimes it …
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