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Hair Color - Unlisted Brand - Vitality - Instant Colour Spray Root Concealer

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Absolute, hands-down, 1st Place Winner of:


This spray - supposedly to blend regrowth - leaves your hair feeling as though someone has blasted in about 2kg of filthy, dirt-laden cobwebs into your hair.

It is THE most vile, revolting product I have EVER used in my ENTIRE life (and I've used a LOT of products over …
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Styling Products - Unlisted Brand - Organic Care - Hard Gel Extreme Hold

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Without a doubt one of THE WORST products I've ever used.
How difficult must it be to make hair gel?
I imagine it's not a particularly complex product. I would also imagine, due to its relative simplicity, there should be little chance of getting it wrong.
But get it wrong they did.

Firstly this product is labelled “EXTREME HOLD Hard Gel”.
Also on the …
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Styling Products - Garnier - Surf Hair Texture Paste

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I saw this in the supermarket the other day and remembered I'd bought it ages ago and had it at home in my bathroom cupboard.

I usually have my hair tinted but when it's not - after washing and drying - it's too silky and slippery and just hangs in my eyes.

I've tried texturising powders (as advertised by Heidi Klum) and while they certainly work, they …
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Moisturizers - Deciem - The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane

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When you're in your late teens/early 20’s you can go out, drink, party til dawn, get just a few hours sleep and wake up looking the same as you did the night before.

In your mid 20’s to early 30’s you can still do that, but now wake up with slightly puffy eyes. big deal, a few hours sleep or a quiet Sunday usually fixes it.

Then in your mid 30’s to …
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Accessories - Chi Chi - Make Up Blending Sponge

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In one word - TERRIBLE!!!!
For a brand that positions itself as "better than drug-store", and for all their other great products, you'd think they'd bother to get the basic application tools right.
This little blender looked great in the box. A nice cushiony round bottom, a very handy flat side (but no pointy end - which is a minus - but other tools can …
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Treatments (Face) - Paula's Choice - Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

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This is meant to be one of the best BHA’s on the market. The salicylic acid is there, the concentration is right, the PH is correct. So why aren't I seeing results?
I cleanse morning and night and I've been using this religiously, every day, am and pm on my nose to get rid of blackheads. I even apply the AHA gel over the top, after waiting 10 minutes for the BHA to absorb and dry …
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Treatments (Eye) - Unlisted Brand - Skinstitut - Eye Believe

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Oh no!! How funny is this - I think I've just purchased this product based on an Adore Beauty review that - when I've gone back to check the author's name (to say thanks and give credit where credit’s due) I think was ME 5 years ago! LOL!!
(Convincing review - you!! And not just one tube, I bought two of them).
Anyways, apart from that funny oddity, I'm looking for …
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Treatments (Face) - Deciem - The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid Serum

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The first time you use The Ordinary’s ALA you'll be in no doubt why they advise to only use it no more than 3 times a week. It is POWERFUL and you can feel it.
Not the pricking-of-many-needles feel of their 23% Vitamin C, more like a (semi-comfortable) deep-slow-burn (though far less intense than first-time use of the C23).
Having said that though, I only experienced this on the …
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BB Cream - L'Oreal Paris - Nude Magique BB Cream

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Not all BB creams are created equal. And this one is in a class of its own AS LONG AS YOU DON'T GET ONE OF THE DODGY MANUFACTURING RUNS. Which can make the colour too deep / too dark / and yes, orangey as other reviewers have stated. I've had a couple of tubes like that which I've had to return. I even memorised which batch numbers to avoid (which I can't accurately recall now …Read more

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Treatments (Face) - Avon - Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum

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Even though I've taken Avon to task in a couple of reviews, *generally* I find their stuff okay / not bad / occasionally even great (if not a bit behind the times. For example it's half way through 2017 and they've only JUST brought out a micellar water when micellar water cleansers have been around since about 5 years ago).
So it's kinda strange that they've had …
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