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Treatments (Face) - Mario Badescu - Buffering Lotion

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My whole life I've suffering from hormonal problems causing very oily skin, breakouts and subsequent hyperpigmentation. The worst part has been when I get cysts. Because nothing helps with them. No amount of topical antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur, lotions, creams, masks, potions.... no amount of anything helps. I've had to miss weddings, birthdays, holidays if …Read more

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Mascara - benefit Cosmetics - They're Real Lengthening Mascara

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This mascara gives me extremely long lashes. Everyone stops and asks me what I'm wearing when I put this mascara on. But... it's extremely difficult to take off. You need something very heavy duty to remove it with. I feel like I'm ripping my eyelashes out when I try to remove it. And not all of it gets removed. And this mascara does not do much in terms of volume. It just gives …Read more

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Gels/ Soaps - Shea Moisture - Organic African Black Soap

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I have very oily, acne-prone skin. I've always heard that shea butter should not be used on acne-prone skin, because it clogs pores and causes more breakout. So even thought I had seen this soap at the store for a long time, I never purchased it because shea butter was one of its ingredients. But when I read the reviews on here, with people raving about how it healed up their skin, i went …Read more

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BB Cream - Garnier - SkinActive 5-in-1 Miracle Perfector BB Cream Oil-Free - Light/Medium

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Very runny and very orangy. But it's surprisingly good for a drug store product. It provides pretty good coverage, like a foundation.
If it hadn't been for mua, I'd never even give it a second thought.
It does not control my oil, but I don't expect it to. But it's not overly shiny like some other BB creams I had tested.
I've had a couple new …
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Foundations - Hourglass Cosmetics - Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation

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OK, so I received a sample of this foundation. It is like nothing I've ever used before. It sucks in all the oil and the skin looks matte immediately. I have an extremely oily skin, but I didn't even realize until I used this foundation, that my skin is shiny even after washing it and using a toner in preparation for makeup. It just looks so matte immediately after applying the …Read more

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Tinted Moisturizer - Tarte Cosmetics - Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen

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I received a sample of this and was very excited to try it based on all the great reviews. But it's just not good for me. It is very watery, has an oily finish, and provides zero coverage. I expected at least some coverage. I actually thought this was one of those tinted moisturizer with more coverage. But on me it covered absolutely nothing at all. Just made my skin look more oily and …Read more

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Liquid - CLARINS - Everlasting Foundation SPF 15

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I purchased Clarins teint haute Tenue at Marshall's. I think it was around $14!
It provides excellent coverage. It covers much better than most of the department store foundations (and even some concealers) which I've tried over the years. I have lots of hyperpigmenation, but this makes me look like I have beautiful skin.
And it has such a smooth texture.
I do like the …
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Conditioner - TRESemmé - Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner

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This is the best non-salon conditioner for me so far. My hair is very fine and very oily. But at the same time if I don't use a heavy conditioner, then it gets all staticky and dry. I got tired of spending too much for salon products, some of which aren't even as good as this one anyway. I forgot that I even had this, but I found it in my bathroom and began using it. It moisturizes my …Read more

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