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Hair Removal - Silk'n - Silk'n Flash&Go

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I'll start by saying that I really really wanted this to work. I'll also bluntly say that it didn't. I bought this right around christmas time in 2015 and had such high hopes. I'm the "perfect candidate." I'm pastly pale (like sparkle in the sun, pale) and I'm also a little italian so my hair is dark and coarse. Perfect, I though. Wrong! There are a few …Read more

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Primer/ Corrector - Hard Candy - Sheer Envy Skin Perfecting Primer

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The first time I used this product, I thought I loved it. I finally found a drugstore product (walmart- $9) that would educe the visibility of my pore and keep me looking less oily. After washing my face that night, I realized I was SO wrong. Yes, it sort of kept my foundation on a little longer, but my face was so broken out! I looked like a 14 year old going through puberty after I washed this …Read more

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