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Shampoo - Hairstory - New Wash

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I love this stuff. I have the most insipid hair in the world. It's fine, straight, and light brown that's slowly mixing with grey. It gets oily extremely quickly, and I have to wash it every day if I'm going to be seen by other human beings, and every second day if I'm not. If I get a sudden invitation to go somewhere I have to make a dash to get it washed. I ordered New Wash …Read more

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Styling Products - Marc Anthony - Dream Wave Beach Spray

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Hate it. My hair is fine and straight and I like using a 'beach spray' to give it some texture and just to mess it up. This made it limp and flat and unwashed looking. The overwhelming fake coconut smell is my second most hated scent (my first, if you're curious, is that rotting melon smell perfumers were so big on in the '90's) and that didn't help. I suppose …Read more

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