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Self Tanners - Unlisted Brand - Moist HEMP Bronzing Moisturizer

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2 months ago

I used self tanner once in high school, so my experience is limited. However as the palest, most translucent human being ever, this stuff is magical. I normally embrace the pale, but I just had a baby and all of my stretch marks/ veins are unusually ghastly on my pale ass legs. I decided to give this a go and am pleasantly surprised. This gives a nice subtle glow. Don’t expect to be transformed …Read more

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Foundations - Kevyn Aucoin - The Sensual Skin Enhancer

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Hated this. This is not for oily skin whatsoever. It literally melted off my skin and made my complexion look patchy and accented every pore. It looked so terrible, I took it back immediately. This must only work with dry skin or I perhaps I suck at application...

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Crème - RCMA Makeup - Color Process Foundation

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I bought this and cinema secrets samples. Upon application, I loved this! It's so creamy and has the perfect velvet like skin finish. The color is spot on for my ultra pale skin. Lasting power is better than most cream foundations. Coverage is amazing. This is highly pigmented and you only need a tiny tiny bit. However, it breaks me out BAD. I've had the sample for over a year and I am …Read more

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Skincare - Face - No Brand (DIY or homemade) - Tamanu Oil

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CURSE THIS DEVIL JUICE! Seriously, this stuff sucks. I hate it so much that I almost think that all the good reviews are fake and that it is a conspiracy by tamanu oil companies lol. So.... I don't break out anymore (thank you spirolactone!!). Although, I do have some red spots that I would like to treat. So I decided to try this. My skin looked really nice after application. Didn't …Read more

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Liquid - REVLON - ColorStay Makeup (24 hour formula)

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I have used this foundation forever. I didn't even notice they reformulated it. Anytime I try to use a new foundation, I always come back to this.

*It lasts an ETERNITY (and my skin is ridiculously oily). I can swim, hike, work, even make out vigorously and this is STILL on lol. No transfers. Definitely one of the top reasons that I always use this foundation. I only …
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Masks - Queen Helene - Mint Julep Masque

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I love this mask! Calms down redness and breakouts. Really tightens and refreshes skin. Doesn't make a HUGE difference and would not do much on its own to clear acne but definitely helps in minimizing inflammation.

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