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I bought this after reading reviews about various retinol treatments/serums on MUA. After using this for 5 months, I can say that this product works! It didn't dry my skin out, even though I don't bother putting on moisturiser after using this at night. (I have combi skin and live in a hot and humid climate). The first time I applied this, my skin felt so smooth the morning after, that …Read more

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Treatments (Face) - SkinCeuticals - Serum 10

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This serum is simply awesome! I have been using this for 7 weeks. It's my first antioxidant serum. In the first week, the serum stings my skin; I would get a few red itchy welts near my eyes. However, my skin got used to it after I applied it faithfully every morning (3 drops for my face and 1 more drop for my neck). Now, it no longer stings and no more welts too! Visually, I didn't …Read more

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