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Fragrances - Kat Von D - Sinner

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I make my poor husband smell and smell and smell fragrances. He usually just says "It's ok", but when I had him sniff this one he got excited and said "now THAT one smells really good!!!". He loves the smell of cinnamon and I am thinking that has to do with it. Sinner is very strong at first but on me it mellows out and every once in awhile I get a nice whiff of it. I …Read more

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Fragrances - Elizabeth Arden - Mariah Carey - Forever

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I can't believe it but I actually like this. It reminds me of something from childhood but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. Just on a whim I swiped the magazine insert on my wrist---I then forgot about it, until I kept smelling something so pleasant. A few days later I went to Macy's and tried it on from the tester. It smelled a bit different but still really good …Read more

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Fragrances - Elizabeth Arden - Britney Spears - Circus Fantasy

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At first I thought I liked this stuff and then it just went all over the place as far as notes and was just a mish-mosh and then it gave me a horrible headache. Every single one of Britney's fragrances give me a headache....I wonder what is in them? And really, how can anyone even take this seriously with a name like Circus? I do however like the Fantasy-line of bottles.

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Fragrances - Kat Von D - Saint

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Wore this to work today for the first time. Got a sticky note left on my desk that says "YOU SMELL GOOD :) "
I think that pretty much sums up this fragrance ;)
Love it....and so do my co-workers!
UPDATE****I have many, many fragrances.....from less expensive to really expensive and this is the only one that gets compliments every.single.time I wear it. Nothing else has …
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Fragrances - Unlisted Brand - Queen by Queen Latifah

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Beautiful and very well done, IMO. This is definitely a creamy, vanilla scent, but not the young foody kind like Jessica Simpson's Fancy. This is very grown up and sensual. Smooth as heck too. I had thea sample for only one day and then broke down and bought the whole 3.4oz bottle! I can't stop smelling it. It isn't a summer scent per se, but I am wearing it anyways. I …Read more

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Fragrances - Pacifica - Malibu Lemon Blossom - Solid Perfume

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I have lived in Southern California my whole life---by the beach and let me tell you----if the beach can be "bottled", then this is it. It's great to have this at your desk and be able to pop it open (the solid) and rub a little on your pulse points and be transported to the beach. I love all their products. My other two favorites are the Hawaiian Guava (which hasn't …Read more

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