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Treatments (Face) - Paula's Choice - Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment

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I feel that within the last couple years she has changed the formulation. It used to dry out my skin a bit at first, with slight irritation, but then my skin would get used to it and look great. It was like it was peeling my skin and I would get a nice cell turn over and it would look clear and brighter.

However, this does feel as powerful as it used to. I thought maybe I was just …
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BB Cream - Unlisted Brand - Haut BB Cream

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well, it is very very expensive for basically tinted coconut oil haha. However, it is very nourishing for your face, and if you have dry skin then this would be good. I did notice as the day went on and my face heated up the bb cream it would look shiny or oily or something, you need powder with this for sure. Anyways, its soooo tinny the amount you get, it nearly looks like a sample, but it does …Read more

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