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Fragrances - Victoria's Secret - Coconut Passion EDT

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Maybe my schnoz is broken, but I don't smell coconut in this. The most prominent scent is incense, followed by sweet vanilla-esque aftertones.

Decent staying power for VS (2-3 hours) but as I don't want to smell like incense, I won't be finishing the bottle.

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Gels/ Soaps - Victoria's Secret - Vanilla Lace Body Wash

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Don't get this if you're expecting the scent to linger on your skin after the shower - there are other, much better washes for that - but if you want your shower to smell like cookies, this is your jam!

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Fragrances - Victoria's Secret - Pure Seduction EDT

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I love the smell - sweet, fruity and youthful - but the staying power on this is AWFUL. You basically have to reapply every hour, because 10 minutes in and the scent has completely evaporated.

The hand lotion in this scent has reasonable staying power (2-3 hours) and I love it, which is why I bought the EDT. But with ridiculous reapplication requirements I won't be repurchasing.

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