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Treatments - MAVALA - Nail Hardener

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This is a great product. It does as it advertises and hardened my nails as well as sped up the growth a bit.

I have noticed that it dries out my nails and that seems to be the only flaw. I don't mind it because once it's soaked in, I apply some Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil and the dryness is remedied. I assume this would work with any nail or cuticle oil, so it really …
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Nails - Unlisted Brand - Duri-Rejuvacote

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I've been biting my nails since I was little and after 17 years, I finally quit! However, when I managed to stop chewing on my nails, they were wrecked nonetheless. I was really upset about it and tried every product that nail beauty gurus suggested and I was beginning to lose hope.
That's when I came across this polish at Walmart. After reading the box, I immediately searched it …
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