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Cleansers - La Roche-Posay - Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser

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11 months ago

I have been using this as makeup remover for almost 10 years. I have rather sensitive skin and many makeup removers sting. This one and the Sensibio by Bioderma are among the few ones my skin tolerate: no redness or burning sensation after removing the makeup. Rather pricesy though.

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Fragrances - Dior - Joy By Dior (2018)

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I agree that the fragrance opens pretty fresh (but generic), but in some seconds becomes really horrible. I normally do not have big issues with fragrances, but this one made me feel really sick.

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Polishes - Essie - Nail Lacquer - Angora Cardi

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I love this colour and I have just bought a new bottle! The colour is very original, something between dark burgundy and dark golden brown, it is a velvety soft cosy type a colour. It goes a bit thick and the lasting power is not very impessive.

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Lip Gloss - Yves Saint Laurent - Gloss Volupte

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I am really disappointed by the lack of quality of this expensive lipgloss. I have it in 202 , a light pink with little pigmentation. It smells and tastes very unpleasant, and I don't normally have problems with the smell or taste of lips products. It lasts on the lips for maximum one hour, without drinking or eating (and I think I am very generous saying one hour). What I find unacceptable …Read more

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