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Hair Treatments - Aphogee - Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor

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I love this product. I recently went back to highlights and my curls were looking limp. I used the individual sized sachet in the shower and left on for about 3-4 minutes. I only pinned it up and let the steam do its thing.

One thing to note with protein, is you should follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to balance it out.

My curls are back to normal and my color looks …
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Hair Treatments - Unlisted Brand - Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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I use the Tropic Isle brand and got it on Amazon. It came with a color applicator for easier distribution to hair/scalp. It's a very very thick oil. This was my first time using it, so a lot of trial and error took place. I find this is best on my hairline, ends, and mixed in with deep conditioning. Turns out it works nicely for thickening eyebrows and lashes as well!

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Styling Products - Unlisted Brand - Eco Styler - Olive Oil Styling Gel

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This stuff is amazing. I love that it's alcohol free and doesn't make my hair hard and cry. I did use a lot of shea moisture leave in conditioner, coconut oil, and styling cream before applying the gel. Once it dries my hair looked amazing and had no crunch. My fiancé even took notice of how nice it's looking and it worked for him too!! I highly recommend getting it at …Read more

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Palettes - Coastal Scents - Eyeshadow Palette - Revealed 2

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Yaaaaaaas! I've never heard of this brand, but found them through Birchbox. This is a great dupe of Urban Decay's Naked palette. If you're just starting out with makeup or simply on a budget, I highly recommend. The palette is highly pigmented and it has a great range of shimmery and matte colors. Wonderful for day to night, and all year around looks.

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Eyeliner - NYX Professional Makeup - Felt Tip Eyeliner Pencil

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Mistakes were made by purchasing this. On the first use it came out like a watered down mess. Since it was so watery, it went all over the place. I felt like I had zero control with this. Dried out before I could even clean up the mess it left. I love NYX but this was just bad. I wish I had invested in something higher end.

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