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Treatments (Face) - La Roche-Posay - EFFACLAR Duo

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I think this is a great SPOT treatment. I can't imagine using it all over my face, though.

If I feel a blemish coming on, I use this along with Persagel and it usually goes away. Not overnight, but it doesn't become a nightmare.

This combo DOES cause dryness. So, I would not use a lot. If you get scaliness. I'd slather on thick Aloe Vera gel and you should be …
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Skincare - Face - Unlisted Brand - Estroblock

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This is my first MUA review after years of reading reviews.

I tried a ton of solutions for my adult hormonal acne.

A lot of these were things that I learned about on MUA. None of them really helped.

I'm 37. I started to get really reallllly bad acne mostly along my jawline a couple of months after stopping Orthro Tricyclen. While I was on the pill, my skin …
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