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Highlighters - ColourPop - Super Shock Highlighter - Lunch Money

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I really liked the formula and the texture of this product. Easily applies with finger tips and has a really nice consistency. But, it's really sparkly and I was looking for a shimmer highlight. So if you are looking for something that visibly sparkles in the light, then I think this would be good. Definitely not for me, though.

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Moisturizers - Boots - Botanics Organic Nourishing Facial Oil

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I was looking for a facial oil to moisturize my skin. I picked this up after hearing about it from Makeup Geek, but it didn't work for me. I love the dropper, and the product is very moisturizing. I do wish that the packaging wasn't clear, because active ingredients over time can break down. But that is easily solved by keeping it away from light. Also, the scent is really strong. The …Read more

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Misc Beauty Tools - Clarisonic - Mia2

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I am so, so disappointed with the Clarisonic Mia 2! The device was sooo harsh on my skin. I used the acne brush and the cashmere brush, and both really hurt my face. The cashmere one, which is supposed to be extremely gentle, spiked up when it got wet and the acne one was just very harsh. The Clarisonic is basically an overpriced exfoliator. The purging period that Clarisonic talks about is NOT …Read more

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Concealers - L'Oreal Paris - True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer

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I've been using this concealer for a while, and it's been lasting a really long time! When I got it at first and rolled it all the way up, I was really disappointed in how little product there was, but I've had this "crayon" forever!

This does have pretty light coverage, but it's buildable. I like to use this for under my eyes and on any redness, so …
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