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Shampoo - Oribe - Shampoo for Brilliance and Shine

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Neither brilliance nor shine... My hair feels coarse. I've better luck with their signature line. While being so expensive and all, the whole line smells chemical/perfume heavy and cheap like what you get from any drug store, i.e., Pantene...

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Shampoo - Phyto - Phytocedrat

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Great for oily hair. Phytocedrat + Phyto 7 + Phytolisse Ultra Shine Smoothing Serum = great hair (no frizz, shine, healthy) I'll buy it again and again.

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Treatments (Face) - StriVectin - SD by Klein-Becker

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my mom loves this cream, it's the only thing that works for her. She's 57 but look like 47 max. She uses it with Skinceutical AOX 15. It's expensive but if you think how much product you get, it's nothing (of course if itworks for you).

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