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Treatments (Face) - Neutrogena - Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer

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I used to use the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair for about 1 month and go no real lasting results. It just did not work. My dermatologist instead recommended the Somaluxe Rapid Line Filler (it was about $5 more expensive than Neutrogena), but WORTH IT.

Looking in the mirror each day I felt that I really could tell a difference using the Somaluxe Rapid Line Filler. I have been using …
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Skincare - Face - Carol's Daughter - Scar Butter

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Ive had a deep scar on my forehead for 7 years and has always knocked my confidence - BUT I've used the CItrus Clear Tangerine Tingle Scrub for about a week now and I have nothing but good things to say about it! I My deep dark scar is already noticeably different; a lot lighter. Highly recommended, and I just want to thank the company for giving me a massive confidence boost

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Skincare - Body - No Brand (DIY or homemade) - DIY Tea Tree Oil Scalp and Body Treatment

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Tea tree oil is very strong in fighting against bacteria because it has strong antibacterials. To use it bare, you can plunge a cotton piece into the oil then place it on the affected skin. ITS VERY STRONG THOUGH - and I have sensitive skin. I like Tea Tree oil mixed in other products. Citrus Clear products use Tea Tree Oil, and I found that the Citrus Clear products worked better than just using …Read more

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