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Loose Powders - Makeup Revolution - Banana Powder

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WOW! Just WOW! Best powder I used. I don't normally wear powders as they look cakey on my skin but I felt I needed to use a powder to set up my make up better as I started using a new foundation which I believe needed it. I normally use Bare Minerals Powder and it doesn't even compare to this. This comes at a very cheap price, very nice, luxurious feel packaging and just the best. It …Read more

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Contour - Kat Von D - Shade & Light Contour Palette

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Worst product I ever purchased! Looks dirty on my face, very powdery and the colours are almost black! Worst purchase ever. Oh yeah, I broke me out like crazy! I am so so mad at this product what it's done to my face after only one use. You can imagine what kind of ingredients goes into this!

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