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Liquid - SHISEIDO - Perfect Refining Foundation

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My review is based on trying just a sample (for a few days), but I think it's safe to assume we all know our skin and what works for it (or not). I intentionally asked for the sample before paying the full price of 48 EUR and that was wise, as I'm not fully sure whether I'll buy it or not.

My skin is normal/dry.. lately more dry than normal.

What I absolutely …
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Moisturizers - NIVEA - Pure and Natural anti-wrinkle day cream

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I bought this today and used it twice, I got it not so much for the anti-wrinkle effect promise, but more for wanting to try something else than my couple of organic moisturizers, which I feel don't hydrate my normal/dry skin enough. I like it that it's free of parabens and some other "stuff", smell is ok, the only thing I don't like is the texture of the product, or …Read more

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