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Primer/ Corrector - Physicians Formula - Argan Wear primer

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I do like this, but the smell is a tad strong (but not so bad that it is unbearable). I hate the idea of spraying this on my face. especially since it tastes very salty when you accidentally get it on your lips. I shake it up and use a dropper then mix it with my Revlon Colorstay. I have dry skin and this is a very good and light moisturizer.

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Skincare - Body - Hawaiian Tropic - Dark Tanning Oil

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My holy grail for tanning!!!

I, like anyone, was soo pale after winter. I knew summer was here and needed color. I tried SunBum Browning lotion but it didn't do anything for me. I was out on the beach from 10-2. I used a 30SPF from Ulta under neath the oil. I reapplied the sunscreen twice and the oil many times. I still have plenty left of the oil too!

The texture is …
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