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Cleansers - Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser

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I think they changed the formula. It used to be a milky color, now its clear and really dries out my skin. Bummer, I have a whole unused bottle.

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Makeup Brushes - BORGHESE - Kirkland signature for Borghese

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This is the first set of brushes I've ever owned - I got them for Christmas in 2005. Eight years later, I still have almost all of them (I lost a few but NEVER had to throw one out). Yesterday the glue holding the metal to the wooden handle finally gave out, but the brush still works great. I got these when I was fourteen and didn't know how to properly care for them, yet they're …Read more

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Concealers - theBalm Cosmetics - TimeBalm Concealer

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I paid $18 for this concealer. You have to be VERY careful with the packaging, especially the lid. My lid actually started to crumble, so I had to get a new one from the company (the girl who answered the phone was very friendly, though). I also dropped my purse, and this was in my makeup bag. NOTHING broke, not even my fragile eyeshadows, but the entire container got smashed and is now …Read more

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