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Concealers - Catrice - Camouflage Cream

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Excellent coverage! As good if not better than the MAC Studio Concealer! AND SO FRICKIN' CHEAP! I use it for my undereyes, eyelids, red areas around the nose and whatever PMS-blemish-of-the-month is there. I apply it with my fingers and it goes underneath my mineral makeup, and it lasts.

Would not purchase anything else.

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Powder - Everyday Minerals - Matte Foundation

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This is my mainstay foundation. Makes me up and evens out my skin tone, and still manages to look amazingly natural. A lot of people have mistakenly thought that I don't wear makeup!

I have good skin, minimal blemishes, of a partially sensitive nature and this foundation does not make me itch. My choice brush to apply it is the Everyday Minerals flat top kabuki …
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