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Polishes - Unlisted Brand - Model's Own Hedonist hedkandi HK05

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SO torn on this product.

I LOVE this color. It is unique and wondrous. Indoors, out of sunlight, it's a vibrant almost-neon tomato red that's maybe the slightest bit pinkish, very stand-out noticeable but not garish or comes off surprisingly rich. And then outside, NEON. it almost leans orange (sunglasses enhance this) but it's predominantly a bright …
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Eye Shadow - Urban Decay - Eye Shadow - Roach

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This is the ONLY eyeshadow that I've actually ever run out of and repurchased! Shadows tend to last me forever, and I'm always trying out new ones, so I've seldom been in a position to use one up completely let alone notice a gap in the collection. This gem, however, was a go-to whenever I knew i wanted to love the result and wasn't willing to risk trying something new, and …Read more

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