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Lips - MAC Cosmetics - See Thru Lip Color in Loving Touch

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LOVE this color! I am an NW20 and this is the perfect color for me, natural with a nice pink color. This lasts several hours after applied. The only downside is it is a little drying but I think its worth it for the beautiful color. I may buy a back up of this- something I've never done.

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Makeup Brushes - MAC Cosmetics - Hello Kitty Brush Set

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This is the 3rd brush set I have purchased and by far the worste!! I bought this set and was very disappointed by the quality of the brushes. There was an awful odor to them- like wet goat that would not wash out, but the dye that did come out was more than I've EVER seen come from a brush. I washed these 4 times before I gave up and returned them. I would call this my worst purchase from …Read more

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Blush - mark. - Cheekblossom Cheek Color Tint

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I am so shocked by the negative reviews for this product. I am fair skinned and have found this to be just perfect, a little under my powder bush adds dimention or add more and use it alone. I have spent hundreds of dollars on blush (ouch) and I think this could be my HG! I love it.

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