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Mascara - Too Faced - Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

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i like this mascara ! it extends my eyelashes and i love it! only problem is i have tried makeup removers, eye make up removers, makeup wipes, cleansers..its like glue so hard to remove! and it also rips your eyelashes out when cleaning off

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Lip Gloss - Smashbox - O-Plump

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personally I adore this lip plumper, didn't notice much difference in the actual size of my lips but the colour was very nice and glossy! it says exactly what it said it would do on the package! there is a slight burn at the start but it is not uncomfortable and actually feels quite nice!

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Liquid - Bobbi Brown - Skin Foundation SPF 15

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I recently purchased this foundation and not at all what I thought.

This foundation is a watery smooth foundation, it applies nicely and is very soft but it had a very yellow look to it even though it was my colour..through out they day it got more yellow looking and VERY patchy on my forehead and dry in some spots as well. i do not recommend this foundation..also leaves look very oily!

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