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Cleansers - Paula's Choice - Skin Recovery Softening Cream Cleanser

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This was my HG cleanser for YEARS! It was gentle, yet removed sunscreen and makeup with ease. Despite being clog-prone, I never had any issues.

Then...(as PC seems to be all-too-fond of doing these days) they had to go and screw-up a good thing. The reformulation was/is awful. Little-to-no removal of makeup (I was left with smeared eye makeup, whereas it removed it beautifully …
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Treatments (Face) - Unlisted Brand - Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover

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Despite the prevailing wisdom that one should NOT pop a pimple (and instead, let it "heal" on its own), I find that an untouched pimple simply hangs around. While I've used 2% BHA for years, I've found its effectiveness at reducing pimples to be negligible. Great for "disinfecting", but beyond that? Hmm. Azelaic acid, similarly, seemed to be ineffective for reducing …Read more

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Concealers - RIMMEL - Match Perfection Concealer

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I don't use this as a concealer-much too sheer for that purpose-but as a foundation. The texture is creamy-not something easily found in other foundations. I find that it works well at toning down the overall redness of my skin, but still need concealer under the eyes, for the broken caps on either side of my nose, and for any acne or acne scars. Overall, I continue to be pleased with it as …Read more

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