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Moisturizers - Philosophy - Clear Days Ahead Oil-Free Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment & Moisturizer

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9 months ago

Best salicylic acne product I've tried. It's an unscented, 1% SA lotion. It keeps my skin even and my pores looking clean and oh so tiny unlike anything I've tried. I don't use it as a moisturizer but instead treat it like a serum - putting a heavier cream on top once it's dried. I have dry skin and though this doesn't dry me out (like all the other BHAs I've …Read more

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Sunscreen - Neutrogena - Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen SPF 60 with Helioplex

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Cosmetically - probably the worst and weirdest sunscreen I've ever tried. Pilled up like crazy (with or without products underneath), left white stains on everything, and MAN did it burn my eye/ upper cheek area. The smell is also way too perfumey. Weird white, pilly, greasy mess. I would rather use a standard banana boat sunscreen on my face.

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