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Blush - TOM FORD - Love Lust

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This blush is pretty but it's way too shimmery. It isn't long lasting like my too faced love blushes either. I'll exchange for a more unique color

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Concealers - Burberry - Sheer Luminous Concealer

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This product is a disappointment for me
Mediocre coverage and the one feels cheap and plastic, not weighty and luxurious like other burberry makeup.
The only plus is that it didn't crease under my eyes.

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Liquid - By Terry - SHEER EXPERT Perfecting Fluid Foundation

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I had really high hopes for this foundation. But i was let down
I came home at the end of the day with 4 new spots that I didn't have before. Boo for breaking me out, but I'm kind of relieved because an expensive lemming has been squashed
It didn't apply very well, and didn't look as natural as some of my other foundations tbh, and the color match was off. Shade 7 …
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Treatments (Face) - Unlisted Brand - NuFountain CelSignal Support

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Amazing serum . Let me add my voice to the singing chorus .
This vitamin C serum has MAP (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) and vit b5 (panthenol) Hyaluronic acid, and oats to hydrate and calm the skin
I applied this to damp skin, absorbed very quickly and left my skin feeling plumped and hydrated
I was devastated when I found out this was discontinued

But nufountain …
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Moisturizers - Caudalie - Huile Divine

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I couldn't imagine using this on your face as the sunscreen filters in it (abovenzone and octinoxate) are unstable and cause skin damage when combine , especially in sunlight
I wouldn't want to use this on my body either for the same reason
The only place I'd use this is hair . Which is super overpowering in terms of fragrance and greasy
Straight avocado oil is …
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Lotions/ Creams - Caudalie - Creme Gourmande Hand and Nail Cream

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Everything about this is okay. Just okay
Not enough to warrant the 15$ price tag. I wouldn't care it it actually moisturized well but it's just so-so
It smells a bit like oranges
I have to re apply multiple times a day to keep my hands feeling soft and moisturized. The effect wears off after about 20 minutes
I'll be sticking with eucerin hand cream for moisture …
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Liquid - Urban Decay - Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

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I never make dramatic claims about things but this foundation broke me out in 30 minutes. No joke .
I had a white head that wasn't even there before, the next day.
That's what will make this a no-go for me

But on to the actual foundation
It's very runny , smells like pain
Clings to every dry patch, looks like makeup
And made me look …
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Toners - Caudalie - Beauty Elixir

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Super irritating
Burns like crazy even on my hand
2nd ing is alcohol
Plus rosemary and citrus oils ?
No. You're better off spraying water on your face

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Liquid - Giorgio Armani - Luminous Silk Foundation

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I have a lot to say about this foundation !
Before this, I had been using GA lasting silk (4.5) but compared to that this is much better
I'm shade 3 in this. One of the more yellow toned shades.
I use one pump to cover my whole face, spread out with real techniques expert face brush and then finish off with a damp BB. I'm left with a luminous(as the name implies) satin …
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Cleansers - Boots - expert sensitive gentle cleansing wash

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I'm sooooo disappointed. Something in this broke me out, badly. I tried on two separate occasions. And the next day I woke up with a "friend" on my face. I'm not sure what ing did this to me, I'm ok with all of them. Maybe the sodium chloride??? Ugh idk. Just when my skin was blemish free ...

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